It’s been almost 12 years since D’angelo released his successful cd Voodoo. And what a fantastic album it was (baby. making. music.)! Now, after a long hiatus, the singer is back and a much-anticipated cd is said to be released in late 2012/early 2013… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is as ah-mazing as his past work.

With the growing hype and suspense, D’angelo has released a creative, unique, funky, neo-soul rendition of the 1994 hit by Soundgarden, Black Hole Sun. Although it is far from the original, it is definitely worth a spin! Remixed and with new, original lyrics the D’angelo version of the track adds a stellar edge to this heavy rock song! I love that he has taken his creative energy and channeled it into re-crafting an already great song by making it entirely unique and artistic. I appreciate the use of his talent in making music that is accessible to many while also giving a rock track a crossover capacity in this neo-soul, even electronic , interpretation.

Below is the video. The track may sound a bit scratchy and thus it may be a demo version. I hope you enjoy! I recommend giving it a listen or two… Sometimes new things take a while to absorb, but sit back and open your mind and heart and allow the sweet music to fill the space! Enjoy the link below ;)

xxoo, Stoner Chíc Chick

Black Hole Sun by D’angelo (cover/remix)

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Trendy Fashion App!

I recently discovered TRENDABL— an online sharing community for fashion! It’s similar to Instagram in concept. You start by taking a picture, you add a filter and then you can describe the items; from the outfit you captured to a handbag you’re coveting or jewelry you obsess over… It’s fun, easy, and creative… plus it’s great fashion inspiration!!

Aside from the great editorial pictures that are captured when using this app, you can also input data particular to the image you shared; such as brand names, stores, colors and pricing. The app allows for you to create a fun community where fashion is the main topic! It’s easy to take beautiful pictures and exciting to share them with others everywhere! If you have an iPhone I highly recommend you give this app a try….

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Live Fast Die Young

I’m a fan of MIA. I like her. She’s got madd style and as a woman she is bold, interested in speaking her mind and making the music she wants. Although I was disappointed by her Super Bowl sell-out, I was pleased she flipped off the cameras, I thought it was a nod to her wild side, her punky, bad girl image…. Anticipating her new album and unsure as to when it will be out, I’ve been happily bumping her latest single Bad Girls. This catchy hit has a good beat and is a fun, danceable tune! The video is great, an explosion of color and flair in the traditional quirky MIA way, not to be missed.

Enjoy, xoxo

LOVE the headscarf. The sunglasses and bold bangle are a must too!

Headpiece! All about the headpiece. Oh, and the hot pink lips! Delish…

Orange Lids, Dramatic Eyeliner, Green Lips. Ah-Mazing.

80’s Jacket. YES.

Early MIA, fishnets and converse kicks, 70’s hair…volume, volume, volume!

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Sexy SUTRO Shoes

This is my latest fashion acquisition…. The LAGUNA Lace-Up Bootie in a rich chocolate brown made by SUTRO, a San Francisco based shoe company.

This brand is up and coming, sold at select locations in the bay area with a great variety at Shoe Biz…(I got mine in the Mission District) These sexy booties are functional and look good, realll good….

You can dress them up or down; wear them with mini skirts, maxi dresses, jeans, leggings and a cozy sweater… The possibilities are endless and up to you!

Grab a pair and go paint the town red!!!! xo

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Sacred Rite!

Florence + The Machine released their new CD Ceremonials this week and it is smashing! Simply ah-mazing. Every track is gut wrenchingly beautiful with transcendental beats, while Florence Welch’s voice sounds exquisitely powerful and eerily divine. I can not just pick ONE track that I love– I want to hear them all, over and over again. But if I absolutely had to choose and make a few recommendations I would suggest to start with Shake It Out and What The Water Gave Me, from there move on to Only If For A Night, Never Let Me GoLeave My Body and Seven Devils. Each song has the magical Florence touch with its own range of darkness mixed with ever prevailing light! I kid you not, this cd is NTBM! (not. to. be. missed.)

Additionally, what is NOT to adore about Florence Welch?! She has stunning and pronounced features, gorgeous and fiery copper hair, fantastically dramatic style, and an outstanding, overwhelmingly intense voice. For sure a StonerChíc girl crush, hard core.

Kick back, play some Florence and peep her electric eccentricity! xxoo

Sexy Cut Out Dress.

Shine! Bling Blow!

LOVE the Lace Dress and Lilac/Grey Lace-Up Booties!

A Whole Lotta Leg…


Floral Hair Wreath. Hippie StonerChic.

MORE Feathers!!!!


Love this Casual/Bad-Ass Look.

Sparkles! Need a Jumpsuit like this, F YEA.

Whimsical! Love the delicate look of pleats and ruffles…

 The Hat is SO Stevie Nicks. Magical Witchy Lady Loves!

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The First Problem For All Of Us, Men and Women, Is Not To Learn, But To UNLEARN.

This Gloria Steinem quote is a relevant concept that is so socially attune with our current schema, especially when applied to the article A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not “Crazy.” This article dives deep into the issue of gas-lighting, a term often used by mental health professionals to describe manipulative behavior that is meant to confuse and mislead people into thinking they are crazy. Sadly, in our mainstream culture we have depicted women as emotionally unstable, crazy, illogical, unpredictable and irrational. This has led to detrimental relationships between men and women, where the power of manipulation has burdened our women into believing that they are not good enough. I encourage men and women to read this article to gain perspective on the issue and to understand how to become aware of their actions, thus hopefully altering or modifying behavior that is hurtful and inconsiderate.


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Jane’s Addiction

The Alternative Rock band’s new cd The Great Escape Artist is bitchin. I kid you not, this shit is good. Some key tracks NOT to be missed would have to be: End To The Lies, Broken People, Irresistible Force, Splash A Little Water On It, and I’ll Hit You Back. Aside from creating powerful music that is soulful and gritty, the band has some flamboyant style! Perry Farrell (Vocals) and Dave Navarro (Guitar) have eccentric tastes that truly match their rock/metal/electronic feel. Although different, the two have a musical chemistry that seems to work… Seeing as they are still able to tolerate one another throughout the very tumultuous band-relationship dynamics…

A few pics to get you in the mood for some serious zaniness!

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Hints of Green

ELLE Magazine, October Issue, has the most gorgeous fashion spread. From Russia, With Love features vintage and modern clothing from the designer Max Mara. Beautiful, structured pieces that brave the Winter chill, these coats and ponchos are decadent. The editorial is stylish and elegant, featuring the city of Moscow as the ornate backdrop to the classic color scheme with its prefect pop of emerald-green. I love the idea of taking a neutral palette and adding one rich color that instantly magnifies the look. See for yourself how pleasing, and powerful, it is… xxoo

Vintage Wool Pique Poncho, F/W 1976-77.

Melton Wool And Cashmere Hooded Coat.

Alpaca Coat With Leather Details.

Alpaca Coat With Leather Piping, F/W 1976-77.

Mohair Wool Lurex Tartan Coat With Buckle Closure.

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Cold-Weather Bootie Bear-ALL

Booties are so totally in and just amazingly cute with virtually anything! They bring out the biker-babe in any StonerChic girl who would boldly pair them with skin tight jeans, a sexy white tee and leather jacket. Simple, classic, basic, edgy. Of course I love to wear my booties with skirts and dresses as well, long or short, does. not. matter. They definitely spruce up an outfit, making the bootie the main attraction and allowing you to keep the rest casual and relaxed. If you want the high-fashion appeal, then I suggest sharp accessories: gold chains, leather bracelets, chunky crystal rings, anything you can find, layer it on. Another sophisticated yet fresh idea is to wear these booties with a figure flattering pencil skirt, tank and cardigan. The rugged boots can offset the preppy cardigan look, giving each an element of fusion that just works, quirky, fun, original, hot.


To Purchase, click PIPERLIME.COM

For Purchase, go to ZAPPOS.COM

Available at ZAPPOS.COM

These Booties Can Be Found at SSENSE.COM

For A Limited Time Only at BLOOMINGDALES.COM


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Brunello Cucinelli, F/W 2011

Items I covet and in no way could afford. But I admire the design. Such ease to every look, beautiful colors and fabrics, as well as textures and shapes. I love the laid back and rugged  Cucinelli F/W 2011 style, all the while there remains an air of total and utter refinement, every outfit is polished, every piece to the ensemble is exquisite.

Some styes from the collection… xo

Cozy, Comfortable, Chic.

Cool Olive-Green Grey Tones.

Casual and Sophisticated.

Warm, Toasty, Smart.

Bold Bag and Warm Sweater. Love the layered necklace too!

Asymmetrical Down Vest. Nice.


The Beanie, The Blazer, The Big Bag, The Boots.

Fur and A Pop of Berry Red. Juicy.

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