Photo Shoot with Voce Keen Jewels

Not too long ago I had a dear friend and photographer, Cynthia Harris of  Sol y Luna Foundation, take some fashion shots of me in a few outfits featuring gorgeous jewels by Voce Keen. It was a fun and challenging experience! Who knew having your picture taken could be such hard work… Since I am surely my own worst judge, I have only selected my 5 favorite shots from our daylong endeavor.

I wanted to do a shoot to highlight the beautiful work of Amanda Bassolino as metalsmith, designer and owner of Voce Keen. Voce Keen is a rare gem of a jewelry line… It is unique, creative, healing, magical, beautiful and bold! Meaning clear voice in Italian, Voce Keen strives to do just that, create empowering adornments that say to the world I AM HERE AND I AM CONFIDENT, STRONG, MAGICAL & BEAUTIFUL. When I wear Amanda’s gorgeous designs I feel assertive and ready to face whatever the day brings my way. As each item is custom made with love and care, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her work is healing. Each gem is curated from a pure source so that it bestows the wearer with its medicinal properties. MYSTICAL. Obsessed with VK is an understatement… If I could own every handcrafted piece of hers, I would… Hopefully some of these images will conjure up a need to feel the love and healing benefits of the earth, thus possessing you to enter her website… and shop!!

In the gallery you will find that we have three looks going on: the first is a party look put together simply with a sexy sequined mini dress; then you will find a dramatic, bold look consisting of velvet leggings tucked into rich black riding boots worn with a bolero style blouse and a wide brimmed hat; finally, the last look is easy and striking as I am wrapped in a cocoon of luscious maroons with a fantastic tribal print. In all images I am wearing one or more pieces by Voce Keen. The fingerwand is featured in all shots and in various colors: crystal, aqua quartz, tiger quartz and tourmaline. Additionally, in a few of the images you will see long strands of feathers that were delicately made by VK as well.

Amanda’s creativity and stunning work never fall short so I encourage you to visit her website for more  fabulous finds at VOCEKEEN.COM.

Much Love, Stoner Chíc

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Recent Acquisition…

I’ve been a bad, bad girl. I mean naughty!! Walking around the Marin Country Mart the other day, after a yoga class, I stumbled upon Benjamin Eyewear. This is an LA based sunglass designer who creates custom frames emulated and inspired by various fashion icons. Additionally, he cherry picks a few current and vintage frames. In a small store front with kind service, it was a treat to be able to try on any pair I desired… Heaven! Finally, after going back and forth between a few different pairs of shades, I settled for a classic, cat-eyed frame by Chloe.  I’m obsessed with the mauve tinted lenses and the wine colored frames, great for these final Summer days and perfect for accompanying any look well into the Fall. Take a peek by clicking on the image to open up the gallery! Hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do!

xx, SC

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Pictures From Around The SF Bay!

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Enfant Terrible!

Isn’t it lovely when someone comes along and shakes things up!?!! Personally, I love it! Change is good.. it is the only constant and we must learn to embrace it and adapt…

A beautiful thing about fashion is it too is always changing– and as the lovely Heidi Klum of Project Runway states: One Day You’re In, The Next Day You’re OUT! 

However long your fashion stint may last, the power in the purpose of design is its ability to interpret society and provide a mirror reflection of what is being lived and worn at the time. World class couture fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has embodied such talents and it is apparent in his eccentric, flamboyant, dramatic, and exquisitely crafted works. His artistry has had social and cultural implications as he has been among the few risqué fashion designers who has dared to use his profession as a means of making a bold social statement. Breaking boundaries and paving the way for many current and future avant-garde designers, an openly gay Gaultier has used the expansiveness of fashion creativity to bend the rules both forwards and backwards, playing with sexual nuances while tackling issues of gender and transgender orientations, androgyny, multiculturalism and even the darker elements of the sexual revolution.

At his recent exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, 140 haute couture and prêt-à-porter designs created between 1970-2010 were on display. As well as sketches, short films, fashion photographs, and archival documents, all spotlighting his collaborative works with filmmakers, choreographers and musicians. Lastly, the fabulous exhibit features the design of 30 animated mannequins who talk and sing colorful vignettes. 

Here are some snapshots from the show, xoxo, SC

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I love the neon craze! Big. Fan. I am so happy it is here to stay… for now! While I was in Chile I rocked this style, since it too was on the up ‘n’ up down South!! It was there that I re-encountered this old friend and was happy to see it trending yet again in the fun, flirty, bright lights of Spring/Summer. I am a fan of how versatile neon is despite its nonconformity. The look is bold and sometimes aggressive, yet if paired correctly it can be delicate and girly, whimsical and sophisticated, adding the perfect touch.

Below I have compiled a gallery of fashions that give way to this current look where you will find some over the top ensembles that mix texture, pattern and color. In addition, found in the mix are some delicious bits and pieces that can add punch and pizzaz.. Have fun and mix it up, get inspired from the images here and coordinate a daring, flashy, fashion-forward outfit!

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Hello Again!

Hi There! Remember me!?? After a long hiatus… I’m back! Woo Hoo!!

So I was in Chile for the months of December/January and it was a magical trip! Not my first time there– I am a repeat offender with regards to my travels abroad! …I’ve been going to Chile almost every other year during my 25 years of life! With two (2!) Chilean parents it should come as no surprise… And with such a BIG family, it’s impossible not to go visit!

A beautiful country, Chile offers a diverse travel itinerary. The dramatic and arid deserts of the Atacama (northern Chile) are stunning, ethereal, magical and heavenly; meanwhile, the Lake Region of southern Chile is lush and vibrant with jarring volcanoes and majestic, crystal clear/turquoise lakes and rivers. Everything in-between is gorgeous too, the beaches are divine and the central valley produces sophisticated wines in a fertile and scenic environment. As a prime travel destination, Chile truly has something for everyone!

This time around I was blessed with a fun trip to La Serena, a rustic beach town with a lively scene. Joined by my lovely younger cousin Amanda, we also visited the Elqui Valley, home to Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral and the famous Chilean Pisco, as well as various other goodies like papayas and cherimoya fruits… The valley which runs along the Elqui River is surrounded by many quaint and humble towns, the further into the valley the higher the altitude and the closer you are to the Andes Mountains, a breath-taking sight. We arrived at Pisco Elqui– approximately 3 hours inland from the Ocean and La Serena–our final destination along the river (although not the last!), and in this town we went star-gazing, swimming in the river, bike riding, and of course, drank lots of Pisco!

Following our tour of La Serena and the Elqui Valley, my cousin and I journeyed to Viña Del Mar and Reñaca. Here we did nothing more than spend our days lounging away on the beach soaking the rays from the hot, hot sun– eventually taking breaks for a refreshing dip in the crisp Pacific.

A much-needed vacation to maintain the quality of life so to survive the everyday hustle and bustle, this trip was a blessing! I am eternally grateful to the powers that be for giving me such an exquisite journey opportunity!

Here are some of my fave pics from the trip… Hope they inspire a desire to travel and live more, more, more !!! xxoo

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