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Without A Doubt

No Doubt released their new album today, Push & Shove. It is hellllla good! Pop, reggae, rock, dancehall, electro mish-mash deliciousness that’s danceable, fun, witty and rings of a new, evolved, yet timeless No Doubt!!!! I love love love how OC/LA they are from their amazing eclectic stylings to their funky and polished sound. Some of my favorite tracks on the CD include: Settle Down, One More Summer, Push & Shove, Gravity and Undone. Gwen Stefani’s  vocals are great, she has so many rad inflections and tones that make her an entertaining and dynamic singer, and she sounds absolutely beautiful on Undone. The rest of the bandmates, Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young sound tight as ever with some funky basss playing going on accompanied by rad guitar rifts and rhythmic groovy drum beats ….

Always reflecting a radical personal style No Doubt is one of the more unique, tasty rock/pop/ska (and everything in between) bands in our contemporary scope of musical acts. With a prominent female lead and a steady rockin’ band, they always remain sharp. As well as musically talented, they all posses mad flair! I’ve posted some pics of the band together and individually… Now get out there and listen to Push & Shove while peeping Stoner Chíc !!!


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I love the neon craze! Big. Fan. I am so happy it is here to stay… for now! While I was in Chile I rocked this style, since it too was on the up ‘n’ up down South!! It was there that I re-encountered this old friend and was happy to see it trending yet again in the fun, flirty, bright lights of Spring/Summer. I am a fan of how versatile neon is despite its nonconformity. The look is bold and sometimes aggressive, yet if paired correctly it can be delicate and girly, whimsical and sophisticated, adding the perfect touch.

Below I have compiled a gallery of fashions that give way to this current look where you will find some over the top ensembles that mix texture, pattern and color. In addition, found in the mix are some delicious bits and pieces that can add punch and pizzaz.. Have fun and mix it up, get inspired from the images here and coordinate a daring, flashy, fashion-forward outfit!

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