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Serpent Spectacular

Rebirth. Resurrection. Initiation. Wisdom. 

Just a few of the words associated with the powerful medicine bestowed to us by the mighty snake. With a contentious mythical reputation, the snake has always been a creature of paradox; seen as both a symbol of the higher or the lower, the good or the evil, the devil or the healer. No wonder this animal resonates with our humanity as we learn day in and day out the inner struggle of our own personal inconsistencies– as well as those of others and of our society.

Across cultures the snake has a variety of different meanings. In Native American art and lore the snake is a powerful and dramatic healer that brings about a transcendental transformation, enabling the individual to transmute all poisons within the body or otherwise. For Meso-American cultures the serpent is depicted as feathered and flying. Known as Quetzalcoatl, the Patron of the Toltecs, legend has it that his dominion is the heavens, the stars and all the motions of the universe. Grecian mythos states the snake signifies alchemy and healing, where wisdom is expressed via medicinal associations and prowess. Additionally, snakes or serpents represent sexuality and creative life; growing, ascending through various energy channels and developing new wisdom and capabilities.

Shedding and rebirth are other associations made when the snake appears both in mythology and lore cross-culturally. This characteristic is key in learning to develop from the past in order to outgrow the old and transform  i n t o  the new. 

Snakes have come up lately in my life, especially during the final months of Summer as we transitioned into fall. Undergoing personal changes, this often reproachable reptile appeared to me during a trip to the river… as I was going through a time of change and transition. Although scared by his appearance, instead of acting aghast I embraced my fear and found peace with my situation. A lesson soon to be lived and learned… According to Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak, when snakes or serpents emerge in your life it is time to look into a rebirth of new powers of creativity and wisdom.

Below striking snake images, a few  from The Wild Unknown tarot deck featuring the wands- a family of snakes! Also, stunning jewels that remind me to harness and tap into the many charming snake traits of clairvoyance, compassion, cunning ferocity, creativity, transformation and healing!

Medicine! Love! Blessings! Magic!

xoxo, StonerChíc  

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Snap Shots

Instagram Whore: guilty as charged. I have taken over 1,000 pictures using my iPhone, many of which have been uploaded onto my Instagram account and I’d like to share them here, with you. Many of these pictures where taken in San Francisco or Marin County, with a few exceptions!

Don’t you fret, I’ll make sure to let you know where these images are set…

Happy Browsing! XoXo, Sc

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This is the reality we live: aspiring to be at our best, longing for and sometimes finding meaning and connection within ourselves and with that which is larger than ourselves; we are undone by messy bathrooms, traffic jams and burnt toast. I am not interested in spirituality that cannot encompass my humanness. Because beneath the small daily trials are harder paradoxes, things the mind cannot reconcile but the heart must hold if we are to live fully: profound tiredness and radical hope; shattered beliefs and relentless faith; the seemingly contradictory longings for personal freedom and deep commitment to others, for solitude and intimacy, for the ability to simply be with the world and the need to change what we know is not right about how we are living.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer



This quote changed my perspective, it blew my MIND. RIGHT. OPEN.

I am thankful, xoxo SC

Game Changer

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Photo Shoot with Voce Keen Jewels

Not too long ago I had a dear friend and photographer, Cynthia Harris of  Sol y Luna Foundation, take some fashion shots of me in a few outfits featuring gorgeous jewels by Voce Keen. It was a fun and challenging experience! Who knew having your picture taken could be such hard work… Since I am surely my own worst judge, I have only selected my 5 favorite shots from our daylong endeavor.

I wanted to do a shoot to highlight the beautiful work of Amanda Bassolino as metalsmith, designer and owner of Voce Keen. Voce Keen is a rare gem of a jewelry line… It is unique, creative, healing, magical, beautiful and bold! Meaning clear voice in Italian, Voce Keen strives to do just that, create empowering adornments that say to the world I AM HERE AND I AM CONFIDENT, STRONG, MAGICAL & BEAUTIFUL. When I wear Amanda’s gorgeous designs I feel assertive and ready to face whatever the day brings my way. As each item is custom made with love and care, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her work is healing. Each gem is curated from a pure source so that it bestows the wearer with its medicinal properties. MYSTICAL. Obsessed with VK is an understatement… If I could own every handcrafted piece of hers, I would… Hopefully some of these images will conjure up a need to feel the love and healing benefits of the earth, thus possessing you to enter her website… and shop!!

In the gallery you will find that we have three looks going on: the first is a party look put together simply with a sexy sequined mini dress; then you will find a dramatic, bold look consisting of velvet leggings tucked into rich black riding boots worn with a bolero style blouse and a wide brimmed hat; finally, the last look is easy and striking as I am wrapped in a cocoon of luscious maroons with a fantastic tribal print. In all images I am wearing one or more pieces by Voce Keen. The fingerwand is featured in all shots and in various colors: crystal, aqua quartz, tiger quartz and tourmaline. Additionally, in a few of the images you will see long strands of feathers that were delicately made by VK as well.

Amanda’s creativity and stunning work never fall short so I encourage you to visit her website for more  fabulous finds at VOCEKEEN.COM.

Much Love, Stoner Chíc

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All The Wild Horses

Horses are profound creatures that have figured heavily in lore and mythology throughout the existence and evolution of civilization. Having contributed largely to the spread of human development over various centuries, it should come as no surprise to learn that horses are symbolic of travel, power and freedom. In Norse and Hindu traditions the horse has been associated with both burial and birth rites, with individuals riding horseback both into and out of the world. Chinese Astrology believes the horse signifies freedom and horse people possess the power of appeal and persuasiveness, while also being friendly, adventurous and emotional. Horses have enabled human beings to explore and find freedom from the constraints of their smaller communities, gifting humans with the ability to discover the various manifestations of magic and power throughout all of life. Possessing a complex symbolism, the horse can represent travel, movement or to help you with movement, and desires– especially sexual. When a horse shows up in your life it can be used as a time to evaluate and examine aspects associated with travel and freedom. Are you feeling constricted? Do you need to move on or allow others to move on? So on and so forth… These questions will serve for reflection. Lastly, the horse that has shown up in your life will bring with it new journeys and it will teach you to ride into new horizons all the while discovering self liberation and empowerment.  xxoo

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The Butterfly

It is probable that no other animal or insect has come to represent transformation and shape-shifting as much as the butterfly. The process of metamorphosis is also closely associated with the butterfly due to the four stages of distinct change that the insect must undergo… Additionally, the butterfly has had powerful symbolic representation in various cultures worldwide; in early Christianity it was a symbol of the soul, in China it signified conjugal bliss and joy, and in the Hopi tradition unmarried girls wore their hair in the shape of butterfly wings. For the Native Americans, the butterfly is symbolic of change, joy and color. An encounter had with a butterfly can remind you to not take life so seriously, thus awakening a sensation of lightness and joy. As they dance from flower to flower, they also remind us to get up and move! Life is a dance and the act of dancing brings the sweetness of life back, further exemplified by the notion that butterflies have taste receptacles on their front feet– they taste flowers just by walking upon them!  If butterflies have come into your life then it is time to look into your life and assess how much or how little joy is within it. Moreover, a butterfly asks of you to look for change, for however daunting change may seem, it is for the best. Butterfly medicine will teach you that change and transformation does not have to be traumatic, it can occur as gently, as sweetly and as joyfully as we wish.

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Messengers, Protectors + Visionaries: The Red Tailed Hawk

An intriguing and mystical bird, The Hawk represents visionary power and guardianship, having a precise cycle of power during the Spring and Fall Equinoxes– as well as during the New Moon. During these times of transition this bird of prey is at it’s finest, while also having a cycle correspondent with the New Moon, a moon that invokes embracing the beginning of something new.

Hawks are a varied species existing in marsh, forest, sea and prairie. Since Red-Tailed Hawks are prevalent in the Bay Area, I will discuss their symbology which is significant and dynamic. Known to have direct ties with what the Yogic/Ayurvedic studies refer to as the kundalini, or life force, the Red-Tailed Hawk is a harness for this energy as you begin to propel forward toward your soul’s purpose, your visions and dreams. It is not uncommon for innovative thinkers to come across obstacles or people who do not understand their diverse creativity (can I say StonerChic!) … Likewise, the Red-Tailed Hawk is attacked by small birds, especially crows, thus facing adversity frequently, but using it as a tool to create tolerance. In addition, the Red-Tailed Hawk has the visionary influence to leave impressions and stir the imagination, making you open to receive the new while stimulating and generating hope and bright, fresh ideas. In fact, the red of the Red-Tailed Hawk reflects the fervor of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forces, all which are at play. This build up of energy can lead to the development of astral projections, teaching a higher expression of psychism and vision associated with the 14th tarot card, Temperance. This teaching is of beauty and harmony in moderation. The number 14 comes up again specifically with regards to the life span of the Red-Tailed Hawk, who mates with a sole partner for that duration in its entirety. The Ojibwa saw the Red-Tailed Hawk as a figure of leadership, deliberation and foresight, thus having a strong energy and an innovative approach.

Here are some images of the mystical being in his own way…xx

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Wild Turkey

While sitting at my desk the other evening I noticed a brood of Wild Turkeys engaged in what I assume was a Mating Ritual, with two large birds intertwined at the neck making various sounds and calls, simultaneously flapping their wings aggressively and with pride, in front of a Wild Turkey audience. (As well as passers-by who engaged in startled observation)

Along with Autumn come the Wild Turkeys, for their cycle of power is during this time of the year which we have coined Harvest Time. Therefore it should come as no surprise to learn that Wild Turkeys symbolize Harvest and Shared Blessings. Sometimes called the Earth Eagle, the Turkey has a long history and association with spirituality and the honoring of Mother Earth, being seen as a figure for all the blessings that the earth contains, while also being able to use them to their greatest advantage. Additionally, the Turkey is known to live for up to 12 years, thus having a distinct correlation with the Earth who revolves around the sun in 12 months. Lastly, the Turkey is considered to be one of the most adaptable birds, with a varied diet who finds strength in numbers thereby demonstrating the energy that is associated with sharing.

So much to learn from Earth’s blessed and beautiful creatures! I’ve included some pictures of the Wild Turkey, notice how magical and magnificent the feathers are! xxoo SC

So Pronounced.

Natural Beauty.

A Small Brood of Wild Turkeys.

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Spinning the web of life

Having a pet spider is much less responsibility than having a pet puppy. Although at times I feel a little uneasy with my spider friend, I have grown to nearly notice her existence–aside from when I get into my car and find silk webbing all over me! In fact, she doesn’t bother me at all anymore and I feel blessed to be having her visit, for however long it lasts…

Since I noticed her I have been wondering what she is trying to tell me, as she patiently weaves her silk web. After reading up on her I was pleased to learn that Spiders symbolize Creativity and The Weaving of Fate. Having appeared in Greek and Scandinavian lore as the weavers who would measure and cut the threads of life, Spiders are a reminder to cultivate and ignite our creative fires, thus awakening to our own deeper sensibilities.  With eight legs and a figure eight infinity shape when on its side,  the spider is also symbolically associated with the wheel of life, teaching us to maintain a balance among past + future, physical + spiritual, male + female.

What a beautiful message! Hope it finds you well as it has for me… besos, xxoo SC

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Deerly Beloved

Continuing on with the Native American tradition and theme that is visited regularly on this blog, tonight I would LOVE to share The Way of The Deer. Graceful, swift, and elusive, the Deer is a magnificent creature symbolizing gentleness and innocence, with an Autumn and Spring cycle of power… No wonder I have been seeing SO many!

A tender soul, the deer is also associated with instinctual energy, regeneration and independence. Having pronounced yet delicate features, this precious animal has been bestowed with antlers which shed and re-grow each year, getting larger and more striking with more points for 5 years. The distinct antennae is said to have connections with higher forms of attunement, thus being able to relate to various perceptions, in which case, if you too have been seeing deer, then they are telling you to pay attention to your inner thoughts and consciousness. Additionally, legend has stated that it was the deer who lured Sir Gawain, of King Arthur, into the woods so he could begin his adventures. (See, it’s not only Native American lore, but also cross-cultural, the power of animals!) This is why deer are also believed to indicate new opportunities, stimulating gentle new growth increasingly over the next few years. (Yea StonerChic, you are my baby and I will nurture you until you grow, grow, GROW) Lastly, these are some other associations made with the deer; contact with past lives and acute senses, especially hearing and vision which is designed for clarity at a distance as well as to see contrasts and edges in dim light.

Here are some images that evoke the deer personality and spirit, both in form and fashion, xxoo SC

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