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I just got BANGS! I know, I know, I AM SO TRENDY. NO, but really…. I’ve been playing around with the idea for a while but was too scared to bite-the-bullet…. Until I finally just said F-IT, hair grows b a c k…… So here I am with a new do that I am super-duper happy with. I love how my look turned out. A BIG Thank You  to the wonderful and talented Amber at Benvenuto Salon in San Anselmo, CA. This gem of a hairdresser gave me the style I wanted. Light and easy breezy, my hair feels amazing! I love that I can do a full-frontal look or part them a touch off to the side… She gave me lots of texture to play with and I love the loose tendrils of hair that gently hang to the side, flirty! xxoo

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