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Pretty In Punk

Long Live Vivienne Westwood: Queen of Punk!

As a Punk & New Wave fashion innovator, Vivienne Westwood created an exquisite synthesis between clothing & music. 

Shaping her designs around this aforementioned union gave birth to the 1970’s PUNK FASHION SCENE. Collaborating with Malcolm McLaren of the Sex Pistols made this transformation possible as his influence directly correlated with Vivienne’s vision. Westwood was interested in “seeing if one could put a spoke in the system.” Thus creating styles that revered anarchy and chaos– as a means to express self identity without compromising to the attachments or obligations of the greater social schema… Political Fashion Indeed! 

Vivienne drew from various looks to construct her Punk Collection: BDSM Fashion; Bondage gear & attire; Safety pins; Razor blades; Bicycle chains on clothing; Spiked dog collars as jewelry; Crazy Hair (mow-hawks) & Heavy Makeup (thick eyeliner). Additionally, Westwood sought to make the traditional elements of style seem risqué, using fabrics such as tartan to add dimension, texture & further shock value.

Leading the pack as trend setter, and always maintaing the cutting edge, Vivienne Westwood’s creations have had transformative, metamorphic effects on fashion. A Sophisticated Rebel, Vivienne epitomizes the StonerChíc mentality … XoXo!


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NYFW Street Styles

New York Fashion Week, stylish from beginning to end…

Amazing looks found all over town as fashionistas make their way from runway to runway to view designer’s fabulous new works of art!

Below, a gallery of some of my favorite looks… from head to toe outfits, jewelry, shoes & handbags! All the goodies that make for an impeccable ensemble!

xxoo, StonerChíc

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Good Lorde!

Lately, I have become obsessed with this young–16 year old–New Zealand pop star! She is funky-fresh, spunky, cheeky, and just too damn good! LORDE is her name and I think her hip-hop beats are here to stay… Along with her catchy hooks and bold lyrics too! And what really tickles my fancy, and adds another layer of AWESOMENESS to the mix, is the fact that she is the singer/songwriter of all her shit… I love when artists are hands-on, making their sound & look personal, not to mention stylish!

Inspired by the lavish and opulent lives of royalty, Lorde’s songs are mature, dripping in satire and socially attuned.  Following the release of her first EP, The Love Club, in May of 2013, her hit single, Royals, skyrocketed to #1 (in Australia/NZ & the Alternative Billboard Chart). Since, she has been busy working on new material for her full length album, expected out September 2013. Confident and sassy, Lorde writes lyrics that speak to teenagers and young adults alike, transcending her tender age and proving that she is no ordinary talent. Her deep sultry voice and bass-heavy beats combined with girly, flirty, lively, and tart lyrics, make her songs danceable, singable & totally lovable!

Recently I have been playing her jams Bravado and Biting Down on repeat… I love the slow builds and the insane drops as you are plummeted into a rich and heavy sound– followed by her brooding and sexy voice that is exquisitely arranged to include harmonies and other beautiful vocal flairs… Her most popular song, Royals, is another gem!! Personally, I love the lyrics to this song as I think she taps into the pop-culture phenomenon of being obsessively addicted to fame & fortune. A clever young lady indeed, Lorde has captivated her audience by producing stellar songs that are too yummy to pass up… I’ve included her video to Royals so you can get a feel for her ripe & raw talent. Because her sound is so powerful, her videos are simplistic, to say the least. Additionally, her amazingly big, wavy hair paired with her dark and heavy eyeliner give you a sense of her personal style: simple yet bold. I love her look as well as her video esthetic, clean and refined, like a true royal queen B… I present LORDE!!!

hugs & smooches, SC


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Without A Doubt

No Doubt released their new album today, Push & Shove. It is hellllla good! Pop, reggae, rock, dancehall, electro mish-mash deliciousness that’s danceable, fun, witty and rings of a new, evolved, yet timeless No Doubt!!!! I love love love how OC/LA they are from their amazing eclectic stylings to their funky and polished sound. Some of my favorite tracks on the CD include: Settle Down, One More Summer, Push & Shove, Gravity and Undone. Gwen Stefani’s  vocals are great, she has so many rad inflections and tones that make her an entertaining and dynamic singer, and she sounds absolutely beautiful on Undone. The rest of the bandmates, Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young sound tight as ever with some funky basss playing going on accompanied by rad guitar rifts and rhythmic groovy drum beats ….

Always reflecting a radical personal style No Doubt is one of the more unique, tasty rock/pop/ska (and everything in between) bands in our contemporary scope of musical acts. With a prominent female lead and a steady rockin’ band, they always remain sharp. As well as musically talented, they all posses mad flair! I’ve posted some pics of the band together and individually… Now get out there and listen to Push & Shove while peeping Stoner Chíc !!!


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Pictures From Around The SF Bay!

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Enfant Terrible!

Isn’t it lovely when someone comes along and shakes things up!?!! Personally, I love it! Change is good.. it is the only constant and we must learn to embrace it and adapt…

A beautiful thing about fashion is it too is always changing– and as the lovely Heidi Klum of Project Runway states: One Day You’re In, The Next Day You’re OUT! 

However long your fashion stint may last, the power in the purpose of design is its ability to interpret society and provide a mirror reflection of what is being lived and worn at the time. World class couture fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has embodied such talents and it is apparent in his eccentric, flamboyant, dramatic, and exquisitely crafted works. His artistry has had social and cultural implications as he has been among the few risqué fashion designers who has dared to use his profession as a means of making a bold social statement. Breaking boundaries and paving the way for many current and future avant-garde designers, an openly gay Gaultier has used the expansiveness of fashion creativity to bend the rules both forwards and backwards, playing with sexual nuances while tackling issues of gender and transgender orientations, androgyny, multiculturalism and even the darker elements of the sexual revolution.

At his recent exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, 140 haute couture and prêt-à-porter designs created between 1970-2010 were on display. As well as sketches, short films, fashion photographs, and archival documents, all spotlighting his collaborative works with filmmakers, choreographers and musicians. Lastly, the fabulous exhibit features the design of 30 animated mannequins who talk and sing colorful vignettes. 

Here are some snapshots from the show, xoxo, SC

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Last-Minute (fashion forward) Halloween Ideas!

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I would share a few final costume ideas! It’s hard to scramble last-minute for a fun and sexy costume, but not to worry, this post will hopefully ease the stress…

THE COWGIRL: With the Fall season being so heavily influenced by cool Country Western motifs, this should be an easy costume, using what you may already have and making a few purchases of items that may be used in the future! Also, you can always ask a friend to borrow some accessories that would compliment this fit (or ANY of the other fits, for that matter…). With this particular costume I would start with a cute mini denim skirt or pair of short shorts. The rugged look of denim, especially if the edges are tattered, instantly provides the country cowgirl feel. Moving forward I would add a plaid button-up  shirt. This piece can be tied for a more revealing affect or left as is for a more casual look. The key ingredients, however, are either the cowgirl hat or cowgirl boots. You don’t need both (seeing as it may be hard to come across these items this late in the game) but having one will definitely tie the outfit together. For very last-minute, no energy Halloween-ers, I would suggest a hat, you can buy those for cheap at any local costume store and it will be a dead giveaway as to what you are come the 31st. Get some braids going on in the hair, do some fun makeup, maybe find a way to incorporate some hay or dirt (if handy!) and definitely try to stay in character as a bad ass, horse-back riding, ranch living cowgirl!

Where’s Waldo: This costume idea is interactive and super fun! It’s great if you’re a single lady and you want a super cute boy to find you! HA.  With a nautical influence, all you really need to make this fit work is a red striped shirt, chunky black framed glasses, and a red/white striped beanie. I think that the essentials for this costume are the shirt and glasses, you can do away with the beanie or you can opt for an all white or all red beanie instead. As for the bottoms, I would wear black or denim skinnies, if you know you are going somewhere crowded, hot and heavy, then maybe I would suggest a cute black or jean mini! Have fun with this one, keep it playful!

The Goddess: Look sexy and ethereal as a stunning Goddess! You already have that special something, so why not highlight your magic on this night of wonder?! Dress as a Goddess and you will be sure to cast your spell on a few impressed Ladies and Gents… Here creativity is QUEEN. Wear a white short or long dress, hopefully one that has some movement so that is flows with your every move. From there, keep it simple with an Ivy Crow and Gold Belt; you can make the crown yourself or purchase a plastic one from your local seasonal costume shop. As for the belt, a standard gold belt will do or use various strands of gold ribbon (sheer, shiny, glittery) cut about 3 or 4 ft. in length so you are able to tie it around your waist a few times while leaving a few draping strands. Lastly, wear any variety of sandal, flat or heel, hopefully strappy.This costume is all about emanating natural sensuality, be your beautiful and bold self!

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Damsel In Disguise

The Masquerade, a beautiful and flamboyant display of pageantry where one is dared to alter their persona…even if just for the night!

A fleeting affair, the Masquerade Ball is an elaborate happening that requires months of planning for the perfect, most ostentatious costume; having an impact is the goal, thus making your mark and imprinting a memory.

Whimsical and witty or disturbing and dark, the Masquerade has no boundaries; it is all left in the hand of the creator, may her imagination unfold in creativity to display herself as a peacock to the rest of the of the ball!

Okay, but really? Halloween is just around the corner and some of us are scrambling for ideas, right!? Okay, I’m not, I get shit done. But I have before and it sucks. You loose all energy into caring and just decide to stay in, not go out, feel sorry for yourself, eat candy…you get the idea. So I am going to try to post some fun, easy, creative costume improvisations for you to muster up! I am allured by the mask and how amazing a tool for artful, fanciful manipulation. This costume idea is great for the “OMG I LOVE HALLOWEEN!” type or the “halloween? Oh yea, we’re going out… I’ll just get WASTED”  type. If you are the former, you have the liberty to play this one UP. A lavish ballroom gown with petticoat, big Queen Marie Antoinette hair (wig!), high colorful heels, white stockings, showy costume jewelry, ribbons, glitter…Anything is allowed! Just remember, the mask is the key. It is your  fabulous veil allowing you to slip in and out of an alter ego all-night-long. Fantastical. Look for one you absolutely adore and build a story/character around the look, feel the energy of the mask, your new, temporary face. If you want, really get into it.

However, if you are the latter and you could not care less what costume you wear and last year you went out in a ridiculous bath robe with curlers in your hair pretending to be a “grandma” (oh wait, you were actually home alone crying about how you didn’t get it together in time to whip up a costume, anything, and go out with your friends!) then this costume works for you too. Without even having to put much effort or money (maybe) into the look of the night, you can dress up with out making a mess up! Simply find a StonerChíc mask, one that you feel comfortable wearing throughout the night (at least while pics are being taken) and wear a simple all black outfit. Whatever you do, you can make the statement of the night be your stellar mask, allow it to say everything you didn’t feel like expressing in elaborate wear. If you feel daring, maybe add some supercool, bold jewelry to complement the mask while keeping the clothing a more neutral tone.

Have fun! SC

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Bloody Awesome

Yes, it’s true, I’m a Trubie. I LOVE True Blood. #1 Fan Right Here! I am torn between Eric Northman and Alcide Herveaux, I totally don’t know who I would prefer… ughhh. And as far as the plot: I’m pissed about Jesus this last season, why did they do that to him, to Lafayette? Just when things were getting really interesting between the two! I am so down with Sam Merlot’s story line, yesss. He once was a lame-sauce character and now he’s showing some grit, besides, his new babe is bodacious. Lastly, I like Sookie, but I agree with Pam, why the F does everyone run around Bon Temps kissing the ground she walks on? She’s annoyingly indecisive and sometimes I am embarrassed to watch her character play dumb. Otherwise, True Blood is addictive and seductively entertaining, as well as sinfully gratuitous.

Moving on…

So in all seriousness, I have decided that this Halloween I will be a sexy, bad-ass Vamp. Uh huh. See, in the past I have spent a lot of money on costumes I would NEVER wear again. Wack. Therefore, this year I am making the choice to only be something with a costume that I can make from some of my own bits and pieces, inexpensive drugstore t-shirts, rubber bands, fake blood, fangs, and TONS of makeup… and of course, an AWESOME pair of boots! What is the point on blowing $100 on a costume? Blow ’em on a fabulous pair of  boots! Okay, so maybe spend $275, but at least you’ll wear them over and over and over again…

(May I just add that at this very moment, 2:13AM PST, the theme song to TB has just come on, it is called Bad Things by Jace Everett. AMAZING. MEANT TO BE.)

As I was saying…

The boots are sweet, I’ll show them to you and shut up! But before I do, let me add that I will be wearing these bad boys come Hallows Eve with some fish nets, short shorts, ripped up white tee (covered in “blood”), fangs (duh), super teased big hair, “blood” ALL over my bod, and dark dramatic eye makeup. Aside from the crazy blood, all other aspects of this outfit are pretty cute! I’ll show pics once it all goes down. xx

If you love these boots and need a pair too, go here to purchase!

Scroll over image for brand and design.

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