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Stoner Chíc Essence

Wanting to keep up with the theme from my earlier post on definitely MIXING navy & black, I made sure to wear an outfit styled in such a manner for last night’s outing.

My Hubby & I went to Bimbo’s 365 Club to see Junip play. They’re a Swedish band with a stellar, psychedelic, heavy sound featuring Jose Gonzalez’s soothingly dynamic vocals.

A few pics of the show & one of my ‘fit– in true Stoner Chíc style!



ps. the name of this blog is based on the shenanigans of a wild & blurry night partying with friends… we took a gazillion pictures and by far our favorite shots where in which our heads had been severed and only our bodies in action, sporting fabulous fits, could be seen. we termed pictures of this nature  “stoner chíc” since they possessed an alluring and mystifying quality inspired by movement and good-looking clothing. 

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Pretty In Punk

Long Live Vivienne Westwood: Queen of Punk!

As a Punk & New Wave fashion innovator, Vivienne Westwood created an exquisite synthesis between clothing & music. 

Shaping her designs around this aforementioned union gave birth to the 1970’s PUNK FASHION SCENE. Collaborating with Malcolm McLaren of the Sex Pistols made this transformation possible as his influence directly correlated with Vivienne’s vision. Westwood was interested in “seeing if one could put a spoke in the system.” Thus creating styles that revered anarchy and chaos– as a means to express self identity without compromising to the attachments or obligations of the greater social schema… Political Fashion Indeed! 

Vivienne drew from various looks to construct her Punk Collection: BDSM Fashion; Bondage gear & attire; Safety pins; Razor blades; Bicycle chains on clothing; Spiked dog collars as jewelry; Crazy Hair (mow-hawks) & Heavy Makeup (thick eyeliner). Additionally, Westwood sought to make the traditional elements of style seem risqué, using fabrics such as tartan to add dimension, texture & further shock value.

Leading the pack as trend setter, and always maintaing the cutting edge, Vivienne Westwood’s creations have had transformative, metamorphic effects on fashion. A Sophisticated Rebel, Vivienne epitomizes the StonerChíc mentality … XoXo!


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Supermodel Seduction

The 90’s were a blast!

Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Kate MossStephanie Seymour: Supermodel Icons at the height of their fashion careers…

Fabulous, stylish & glamorous, these babes epitomized effortless and natural beauty. Not only were each one of these women drop dead gorgeous, they each possessed a unique personality, making them witty, charismatic and loveable.

Seemingly untouchable, these stunning ladies acted as though they were exclusive members of a Pretty Girls Only club… And they were! Together these fashion divas were unstoppable– their faces graced the covers of every fashion magazine of the 90’s; while they all took turns playing dress up for the best fashion designers of the time, walking the catwalk with elegance & poise.

A tribute to the flawless 90’s Supermodel… An era of sexual fashion curiosity, portrayed by the biggest names in Supermodel history!

xoxo, StonerChíc

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These are the Jewels I am wearing these days… Eclectic and fun, all the while maintaining a general theme. This applies to clothing as well. When I style myself, or anyone else, I like to create a thread, or story, to illustrate what is being worn. I also like to feel held by the power of the images I wear, and so I choose clothes and adornments  that are like a mantra, or daily reminder of what I envision for myself and the world! To surround yourself with positive images, words, and energies is to create a better space for yourself to feel more happy & free.

In this picture a few pieces from my all time favorite designer, Voce Keen, are on display. The Labradorite Pendant is worn for its harmonizing and healing powers while also having properties that help stimulate the imagination and improve memory. Being that I am an Aquarius, I also like that this stone is linked to the Water Bearing Star Sign. Voce Keen Eagle Talon earrings and Crystal FingerWand are also pieces on display that hold meaning and a special symbolism. With Eagle possessing a regal quality and power, I admire this beautiful bird of prey which symbolizes creation, healing, and the illumination of spirit. The Crystal FW is worn for clarity in thought and action.

Additionally, few new jewels by Chibi. I recently discovered this brand at a local boutique and fell in love. The Gold Crescent Moon Pendant and Gold Starburst Midi Ring are beautiful images that remind me daily to appreciate the yin (female) energies of the moon and to never forget that I too was once a bright, sparkling starburst in this expansive universe in which we are all blessed to live!

Fiat Lux SF is a darling little jewelry store on Church Street. They have some in-house specialties, of which I am a proud owner of two delicately made rings! One is their Lover’s Knot in a textured, hammered silver; a midi ring meant to be worn on the upper portion of the finger. My second beautiful bauble is the Hematite Pyramid with a lovely sterling silver setting. The triangle/pyramid shape is reflective of stability and a strong foundation with equanimity in support, while the hematite stone promotes regenerative powers.

Lastly, my Gold Triangle Bead Bracelets are by Free People. I love the chevron shaped beads and find the colorful wristlets add an edgy glamour. The Lapis Lazuli bracelet is adorned with a gorgeous amulet in Coral and Lapis stones that unites the seed bead strands together. This piece was a gift from my Mother and it is a handmade piece of art. Lapis increases our intuition and facilitates a clear understanding of reality. It is also associated with the throat chakra, thus strengthening the neck and vocal chords, elements essential in the practice of lucid communication.

Hope you have fun hunting new accessories for your up and coming stellar outfits! And maybe add a piece or two to the ensamble that has significance to YOU. Let it reflect you and the world you want to inhabit!

Lots of love, Stoner Chíc  x

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Enfant Terrible!

Isn’t it lovely when someone comes along and shakes things up!?!! Personally, I love it! Change is good.. it is the only constant and we must learn to embrace it and adapt…

A beautiful thing about fashion is it too is always changing– and as the lovely Heidi Klum of Project Runway states: One Day You’re In, The Next Day You’re OUT! 

However long your fashion stint may last, the power in the purpose of design is its ability to interpret society and provide a mirror reflection of what is being lived and worn at the time. World class couture fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has embodied such talents and it is apparent in his eccentric, flamboyant, dramatic, and exquisitely crafted works. His artistry has had social and cultural implications as he has been among the few risqué fashion designers who has dared to use his profession as a means of making a bold social statement. Breaking boundaries and paving the way for many current and future avant-garde designers, an openly gay Gaultier has used the expansiveness of fashion creativity to bend the rules both forwards and backwards, playing with sexual nuances while tackling issues of gender and transgender orientations, androgyny, multiculturalism and even the darker elements of the sexual revolution.

At his recent exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, 140 haute couture and prêt-à-porter designs created between 1970-2010 were on display. As well as sketches, short films, fashion photographs, and archival documents, all spotlighting his collaborative works with filmmakers, choreographers and musicians. Lastly, the fabulous exhibit features the design of 30 animated mannequins who talk and sing colorful vignettes. 

Here are some snapshots from the show, xoxo, SC

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Pedro Almódovar is a Spanish filmmaker with international acclaim. He must be my favorite writer/director of films of all time! I absolutely can not get enough and am kicking myself for not yet seeing his latest, The Skin I Live In.

I appreciate his development of plot and character, he is magic at creating a beautifully complex story line with twists and turns that seem so bizarre they could only imitate the actual nuances and absurdities of everyday life. Additionally, I am entirely grateful for someone who is not afraid to push boundaries, especially when it concerns topics of sexuality, gender, crime, emotion and spirituality. To me Almódovar is a holistic filmaker, thinking through the entire picture and encapsulating every scene with rich detail and feeling. I get lost in his movies and feel pleasantly turned around after having seen one, asking all kinds of questions about the story and social commentary, the music or clothes, the location and the Spanish culture. What a fabulous eye!

Before I go ahead and wow you with a few pics of this dashing creator of film, a quote from Almódovar that resonates personally: Artists have inspired me and have inspired my characters, it gives them something to live… Art’s function is to help you survive, help you live.

Olé Almódovar! xxoo

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Just Kids

PATTI SMITH. I admire this woman with all my heart and soul. Her words are effortlessly magical poetry and she writes with candor. No frills, no bells, no whistles. She recollects her story and gives you every juicy detail, from the clothing worn to the words exchanged, even the feeling and smell is grasped as you sift through the pages of her memoir, Just Kids. This autobiographical tale spans the intermingled lives of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe–as two misfit kids who just wanted to express and share their art, their vision, with the rest of NYC, with the rest of the world. Living in tiny apartments off of scarce resources the two find love, magic, beauty, friendship, pain, suffering, happiness, entertainment and beyond, in the lavish and frenzied streets of the late 60’s and early 70’s NYC scene. Finally settling at the ever infamous Hotel Chelsea, the pair moves forward with their self discovery, feeding off of the scene and most importantly off of each other, sharing an electric chemistry that goes far beyond sexual and enters the realm of instinctual and spiritual. This book is a treasure to read.

Here you will find a few pictures of the duo, pre-fame. The look is so gritty, so real and yet so avant-garde. Balancing on a fine line of disastrous and remarkable, all the while paving the way for a forward approach in thinking and creating… Hope you read this moving memoir. NOW, delight in the pics…. xxoo, StonerChíc 

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One Crazy Night Of Dancing!

 Aerial View Of My Sat Night Fit! Maddy…K Sheer Green Blouse From Crossroads Trading SF, Luxury Rebel Boots.

Maddy…K Sheer Green Blouse, H & M Shorts, Voce Keen Pyrite Bravery Necklace.

Side Angle! Vintage Side Satchel Purse, Camel Colored Leather.

Streets Ahead Cuff, Voce Keen Finger Wand Ring.

Streets Ahead Beaded Cuff, Resin Ring From Crossroads Trading SF.

James Dean And I In The Bathroom… Having A Moment.

Flashing My Fit And Voce Keen Pyrite Necklace!

My Girl Looking FLYY.

Disco Inferno.

Work. It.

Who Me? You Lookin’ At Me??!!

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Fuck You Very Much, Society

I am sorry to have to straight-up drop the F Bomb so early on into our relationship as blogger and blog follower, but it had to be done. This image is the truth. We have asked for our beautiful, strong, fierce, independent, nurturing, charismatic, and bold women to focus ALL of their energy on having a distinct body type and thus we as a society have lost all sense of authentic and sincere beauty, beauty that has created all of us healthy, happy, vibrant human beings. Instead we pick and pry at our flesh as if it were just that, dead meat. We cut and scrape and tuck and lift until we are a mere decrepit image of our soul, tarnished from all the prodding. In my opinion, and the message I will always promote here at StonerChíc, is that fashion is meant to go beyond hunger, it is meant to inspire us to display our magical selves to all the world via amazing adornments that only enhance our natural lustre. Honestly, wtf, look at these images and tell me you’d rather be with the chick on the right?! How sad does stick and bones look…

Why must we shrivel away at our women?

I stand for Proud Women, Strong Women, ALL Women. Peace and Love, xoxo

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