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Idefix, My Heart

I have a darling little pup… Idefix! He is a Maltese/Yorkie mix and I simply ADORE him…to pieces! I have posted pictures of Idefix before, but it has been far too long since his sweet little face has graced the pages of StonerChic… I wanted to give you a brief bio on this loving, tender soul I call Idi-Bidi-Boo.

Idefix came into my life about 2 years ago at 8 weeks old. He had my heart from the moment I laid eyes on him. I loved how his kind, button eyes gazed into my soul and from that moment on, I knew he was meant to be apart of my life. I was enduring the trials & tribulations of a disheveling break up, and although I was experiencing loss in one realm of my life, a new, abundant and joyous life was emerging during this tumultuous transition. It is true what they say about dogs, they surely are a Man’s, or in this case a Woman’s, BEST friend. From one change to the next Idi has stood by my side on all fours! Happy to see me everyday and night, he has blessed my life in more ways than I can imagine– always providing unconditional love & support, as well as giggles and kisses beyond belief :)

Now a “big kid,” Idefix is 2 years and a few months, and I am so pleased with how he has matured into a loving, calm, genuine, kind soul. He is my furry friend, my hairy son, who I love to the moon + back… I am proud to be Idefix’ momma! As far as style is concerned, idefix is the best accessory, as he adds flair, spunk and fun to any outfit!

Enjoy the gallery of Idefix pictures and feel free to share any fuzzy, warm thoughts about your four-legged friends!!


StonerChíc Chica xxoo

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