Live Fast Die Young

I’m a fan of MIA. I like her. She’s got madd style and as a woman she is bold, interested in speaking her mind and making the music she wants. Although I was disappointed by her Super Bowl sell-out, I was pleased she flipped off the cameras, I thought it was a nod to her wild side, her punky, bad girl image…. Anticipating her new album and unsure as to when it will be out, I’ve been happily bumping her latest single Bad Girls. This catchy hit has a good beat and is a fun, danceable tune! The video is great, an explosion of color and flair in the traditional quirky MIA way, not to be missed.

Enjoy, xoxo

LOVE the headscarf. The sunglasses and bold bangle are a must too!

Headpiece! All about the headpiece. Oh, and the hot pink lips! Delish…

Orange Lids, Dramatic Eyeliner, Green Lips. Ah-Mazing.

80’s Jacket. YES.

Early MIA, fishnets and converse kicks, 70’s hair…volume, volume, volume!

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One thought on “Live Fast Die Young

  1. monicaali says:

    She is so cool! Last month I also wrote a post about M.I.A : ) it was mainly about her new controversial video. Love it!

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