Hello Again!

Hi There! Remember me!?? After a long hiatus… I’m back! Woo Hoo!!

So I was in Chile for the months of December/January and it was a magical trip! Not my first time there– I am a repeat offender with regards to my travels abroad! …I’ve been going to Chile almost every other year during my 25 years of life! With two (2!) Chilean parents it should come as no surprise… And with such a BIG family, it’s impossible not to go visit!

A beautiful country, Chile offers a diverse travel itinerary. The dramatic and arid deserts of the Atacama (northern Chile) are stunning, ethereal, magical and heavenly; meanwhile, the Lake Region of southern Chile is lush and vibrant with jarring volcanoes and majestic, crystal clear/turquoise lakes and rivers. Everything in-between is gorgeous too, the beaches are divine and the central valley produces sophisticated wines in a fertile and scenic environment. As a prime travel destination, Chile truly has something for everyone!

This time around I was blessed with a fun trip to La Serena, a rustic beach town with a lively scene. Joined by my lovely younger cousin Amanda, we also visited the Elqui Valley, home to Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral and the famous Chilean Pisco, as well as various other goodies like papayas and cherimoya fruits… The valley which runs along the Elqui River is surrounded by many quaint and humble towns, the further into the valley the higher the altitude and the closer you are to the Andes Mountains, a breath-taking sight. We arrived at Pisco Elqui– approximately 3 hours inland from the Ocean and La Serena–our final destination along the river (although not the last!), and in this town we went star-gazing, swimming in the river, bike riding, and of course, drank lots of Pisco!

Following our tour of La Serena and the Elqui Valley, my cousin and I journeyed to Viña Del Mar and Reñaca. Here we did nothing more than spend our days lounging away on the beach soaking the rays from the hot, hot sun– eventually taking breaks for a refreshing dip in the crisp Pacific.

A much-needed vacation to maintain the quality of life so to survive the everyday hustle and bustle, this trip was a blessing! I am eternally grateful to the powers that be for giving me such an exquisite journey opportunity!

Here are some of my fave pics from the trip… Hope they inspire a desire to travel and live more, more, more !!! xxoo

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