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Sweet Sweater Sista!

My sweet sista Maxine– of Confidence & Compliments–and I had lunch the other day and then went back to my pad to hang out before we each had to head our separate ways. It was a nice little girl time… cozy and just the Two Of US!!!!!

I loved catching up…. And I LOVED her whatever-no-big-deal cozy, tribal print sweater. It had a super soft feel, great print and a cute little hoodie, perfect for chilly Cali days! Sometimes the tribal print can be cheesy, but if done right it is a great success… Like my gf Maxie, who paired this sweet sweater with a fitted plain white tee, sexy skinny jeans and top-siders: PERFECTION!

Peep for yourself, these are truly lovely shots of my GEM of a friend, Maxine…. enjoy! xxoo

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Trendy Fashion App!

I recently discovered TRENDABL— an online sharing community for fashion! It’s similar to Instagram in concept. You start by taking a picture, you add a filter and then you can describe the items; from the outfit you captured to a handbag you’re coveting or jewelry you obsess over… It’s fun, easy, and creative… plus it’s great fashion inspiration!!

Aside from the great editorial pictures that are captured when using this app, you can also input data particular to the image you shared; such as brand names, stores, colors and pricing. The app allows for you to create a fun community where fashion is the main topic! It’s easy to take beautiful pictures and exciting to share them with others everywhere! If you have an iPhone I highly recommend you give this app a try….

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I just got BANGS! I know, I know, I AM SO TRENDY. NO, but really…. I’ve been playing around with the idea for a while but was too scared to bite-the-bullet…. Until I finally just said F-IT, hair grows b a c k…… So here I am with a new do that I am super-duper happy with. I love how my look turned out. A BIG Thank You  to the wonderful and talented Amber at Benvenuto Salon in San Anselmo, CA. This gem of a hairdresser gave me the style I wanted. Light and easy breezy, my hair feels amazing! I love that I can do a full-frontal look or part them a touch off to the side… She gave me lots of texture to play with and I love the loose tendrils of hair that gently hang to the side, flirty! xxoo

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Enfant Terrible!

Isn’t it lovely when someone comes along and shakes things up!?!! Personally, I love it! Change is good.. it is the only constant and we must learn to embrace it and adapt…

A beautiful thing about fashion is it too is always changing– and as the lovely Heidi Klum of Project Runway states: One Day You’re In, The Next Day You’re OUT! 

However long your fashion stint may last, the power in the purpose of design is its ability to interpret society and provide a mirror reflection of what is being lived and worn at the time. World class couture fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has embodied such talents and it is apparent in his eccentric, flamboyant, dramatic, and exquisitely crafted works. His artistry has had social and cultural implications as he has been among the few risqué fashion designers who has dared to use his profession as a means of making a bold social statement. Breaking boundaries and paving the way for many current and future avant-garde designers, an openly gay Gaultier has used the expansiveness of fashion creativity to bend the rules both forwards and backwards, playing with sexual nuances while tackling issues of gender and transgender orientations, androgyny, multiculturalism and even the darker elements of the sexual revolution.

At his recent exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, 140 haute couture and prêt-à-porter designs created between 1970-2010 were on display. As well as sketches, short films, fashion photographs, and archival documents, all spotlighting his collaborative works with filmmakers, choreographers and musicians. Lastly, the fabulous exhibit features the design of 30 animated mannequins who talk and sing colorful vignettes. 

Here are some snapshots from the show, xoxo, SC

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To Worry Is To Pray For Something You Don’t Want

I came across this gem while reading the book Yoga Bitch by Suzanne Morrison. I do not recall who she said was the original to have spoken these words, but nevertheless I am a fan of their simplicity and profundity. Allow me to explain. It is easy to say that when you worry it is a “wasted emotion,” as the old adage goes… But to think of it as a prayer? Well that takes worrying to a whole other level. A level where you realize thoughts and thought patterns have a deep affect on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I stress the connection of mind and body because yes, I am a yogi and believe in the union and yoking of all things in this world and the next, but also because what we manifest in thought has come that much closer to being set into action. We function on a mode of operation that logically and systematically asks of us to move in a specific way. This can make us freak out. Adding stress and suffering to our already hectic lives… We worry because we think we have to. We think because it’s what we know to do. And sometimes we can not avoid thinking, nor chaos, but we can have mastery over our thoughts, the tone and feeling behind each idea, word, image, phrase that goes in and out of our mind… To transition into a place of thinking in light, from a place of serenity and positivity is all it takes. Not so effortless, I know. And that is usually where the work comes in. For some it is easier, but for all it is the same, a dance between worrying for what we want and what we don’t want. Instead, is it possible to get worked up over moments of joy and happiness? Let us move forward from fear and darkness into a place of warmth, where we expel energy that is clean, productive, authentic, and positive! Let us pray for what we want and hope that the life we have will manifest these creations which we are so blessed to have access to, the access of our hearts and minds and souls!

Free Your Mind

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I love the neon craze! Big. Fan. I am so happy it is here to stay… for now! While I was in Chile I rocked this style, since it too was on the up ‘n’ up down South!! It was there that I re-encountered this old friend and was happy to see it trending yet again in the fun, flirty, bright lights of Spring/Summer. I am a fan of how versatile neon is despite its nonconformity. The look is bold and sometimes aggressive, yet if paired correctly it can be delicate and girly, whimsical and sophisticated, adding the perfect touch.

Below I have compiled a gallery of fashions that give way to this current look where you will find some over the top ensembles that mix texture, pattern and color. In addition, found in the mix are some delicious bits and pieces that can add punch and pizzaz.. Have fun and mix it up, get inspired from the images here and coordinate a daring, flashy, fashion-forward outfit!

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Women: You will LOVE this picture


AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH!??!!?? I mean are we really still having to defend the RIGHT to make choices that take into consideration our OWN minds, bodies, and hearts!?!!!! And yet again, why are men making policies that effect my physical and emotional health and well being?….. Time for some status-quo shake up!

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Live Fast Die Young

I’m a fan of MIA. I like her. She’s got madd style and as a woman she is bold, interested in speaking her mind and making the music she wants. Although I was disappointed by her Super Bowl sell-out, I was pleased she flipped off the cameras, I thought it was a nod to her wild side, her punky, bad girl image…. Anticipating her new album and unsure as to when it will be out, I’ve been happily bumping her latest single Bad Girls. This catchy hit has a good beat and is a fun, danceable tune! The video is great, an explosion of color and flair in the traditional quirky MIA way, not to be missed.

Enjoy, xoxo

LOVE the headscarf. The sunglasses and bold bangle are a must too!

Headpiece! All about the headpiece. Oh, and the hot pink lips! Delish…

Orange Lids, Dramatic Eyeliner, Green Lips. Ah-Mazing.

80’s Jacket. YES.

Early MIA, fishnets and converse kicks, 70’s hair…volume, volume, volume!

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Too Much Of A Good Thing… Can Be A Really Good Thing!

Bracelets! Bracelets!! Bracelets!!!

I found these gems at Madewell and Free People. I absolutely adore the mix and match fun of these colorful bracelets… You can wear them all together or split between two arms… With fun colors, cool patterns and creative materials these adornments make any outfit more fun and more flirty. Yes to more life, More color, MORE LIGHT!

Springtime fling-time here we come! Weeeeee xxxooo



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