Pedro Almódovar is a Spanish filmmaker with international acclaim. He must be my favorite writer/director of films of all time! I absolutely can not get enough and am kicking myself for not yet seeing his latest, The Skin I Live In.

I appreciate his development of plot and character, he is magic at creating a beautifully complex story line with twists and turns that seem so bizarre they could only imitate the actual nuances and absurdities of everyday life. Additionally, I am entirely grateful for someone who is not afraid to push boundaries, especially when it concerns topics of sexuality, gender, crime, emotion and spirituality. To me Almódovar is a holistic filmaker, thinking through the entire picture and encapsulating every scene with rich detail and feeling. I get lost in his movies and feel pleasantly turned around after having seen one, asking all kinds of questions about the story and social commentary, the music or clothes, the location and the Spanish culture. What a fabulous eye!

Before I go ahead and wow you with a few pics of this dashing creator of film, a quote from Almódovar that resonates personally: Artists have inspired me and have inspired my characters, it gives them something to live… Art’s function is to help you survive, help you live.

Olé Almódovar! xxoo

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