Sacred Rite!

Florence + The Machine released their new CD Ceremonials this week and it is smashing! Simply ah-mazing. Every track is gut wrenchingly beautiful with transcendental beats, while Florence Welch’s voice sounds exquisitely powerful and eerily divine. I can not just pick ONE track that I love– I want to hear them all, over and over again. But if I absolutely had to choose and make a few recommendations I would suggest to start with Shake It Out and What The Water Gave Me, from there move on to Only If For A Night, Never Let Me GoLeave My Body and Seven Devils. Each song has the magical Florence touch with its own range of darkness mixed with ever prevailing light! I kid you not, this cd is NTBM! (not. to. be. missed.)

Additionally, what is NOT to adore about Florence Welch?! She has stunning and pronounced features, gorgeous and fiery copper hair, fantastically dramatic style, and an outstanding, overwhelmingly intense voice. For sure a StonerChíc girl crush, hard core.

Kick back, play some Florence and peep her electric eccentricity! xxoo

Sexy Cut Out Dress.

Shine! Bling Blow!

LOVE the Lace Dress and Lilac/Grey Lace-Up Booties!

A Whole Lotta Leg…


Floral Hair Wreath. Hippie StonerChic.

MORE Feathers!!!!


Love this Casual/Bad-Ass Look.

Sparkles! Need a Jumpsuit like this, F YEA.

Whimsical! Love the delicate look of pleats and ruffles…

 The Hat is SO Stevie Nicks. Magical Witchy Lady Loves!

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