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Pedro Almódovar is a Spanish filmmaker with international acclaim. He must be my favorite writer/director of films of all time! I absolutely can not get enough and am kicking myself for not yet seeing his latest, The Skin I Live In.

I appreciate his development of plot and character, he is magic at creating a beautifully complex story line with twists and turns that seem so bizarre they could only imitate the actual nuances and absurdities of everyday life. Additionally, I am entirely grateful for someone who is not afraid to push boundaries, especially when it concerns topics of sexuality, gender, crime, emotion and spirituality. To me Almódovar is a holistic filmaker, thinking through the entire picture and encapsulating every scene with rich detail and feeling. I get lost in his movies and feel pleasantly turned around after having seen one, asking all kinds of questions about the story and social commentary, the music or clothes, the location and the Spanish culture. What a fabulous eye!

Before I go ahead and wow you with a few pics of this dashing creator of film, a quote from Almódovar that resonates personally: Artists have inspired me and have inspired my characters, it gives them something to live… Art’s function is to help you survive, help you live.

Olé Almódovar! xxoo

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All The Wild Horses

Horses are profound creatures that have figured heavily in lore and mythology throughout the existence and evolution of civilization. Having contributed largely to the spread of human development over various centuries, it should come as no surprise to learn that horses are symbolic of travel, power and freedom. In Norse and Hindu traditions the horse has been associated with both burial and birth rites, with individuals riding horseback both into and out of the world. Chinese Astrology believes the horse signifies freedom and horse people possess the power of appeal and persuasiveness, while also being friendly, adventurous and emotional. Horses have enabled human beings to explore and find freedom from the constraints of their smaller communities, gifting humans with the ability to discover the various manifestations of magic and power throughout all of life. Possessing a complex symbolism, the horse can represent travel, movement or to help you with movement, and desires– especially sexual. When a horse shows up in your life it can be used as a time to evaluate and examine aspects associated with travel and freedom. Are you feeling constricted? Do you need to move on or allow others to move on? So on and so forth… These questions will serve for reflection. Lastly, the horse that has shown up in your life will bring with it new journeys and it will teach you to ride into new horizons all the while discovering self liberation and empowerment.  xxoo

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Sacred Rite!

Florence + The Machine released their new CD Ceremonials this week and it is smashing! Simply ah-mazing. Every track is gut wrenchingly beautiful with transcendental beats, while Florence Welch’s voice sounds exquisitely powerful and eerily divine. I can not just pick ONE track that I love– I want to hear them all, over and over again. But if I absolutely had to choose and make a few recommendations I would suggest to start with Shake It Out and What The Water Gave Me, from there move on to Only If For A Night, Never Let Me GoLeave My Body and Seven Devils. Each song has the magical Florence touch with its own range of darkness mixed with ever prevailing light! I kid you not, this cd is NTBM! (not. to. be. missed.)

Additionally, what is NOT to adore about Florence Welch?! She has stunning and pronounced features, gorgeous and fiery copper hair, fantastically dramatic style, and an outstanding, overwhelmingly intense voice. For sure a StonerChíc girl crush, hard core.

Kick back, play some Florence and peep her electric eccentricity! xxoo

Sexy Cut Out Dress.

Shine! Bling Blow!

LOVE the Lace Dress and Lilac/Grey Lace-Up Booties!

A Whole Lotta Leg…


Floral Hair Wreath. Hippie StonerChic.

MORE Feathers!!!!


Love this Casual/Bad-Ass Look.

Sparkles! Need a Jumpsuit like this, F YEA.

Whimsical! Love the delicate look of pleats and ruffles…

 The Hat is SO Stevie Nicks. Magical Witchy Lady Loves!

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The First Problem For All Of Us, Men and Women, Is Not To Learn, But To UNLEARN.

This Gloria Steinem quote is a relevant concept that is so socially attune with our current schema, especially when applied to the article A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not “Crazy.” This article dives deep into the issue of gas-lighting, a term often used by mental health professionals to describe manipulative behavior that is meant to confuse and mislead people into thinking they are crazy. Sadly, in our mainstream culture we have depicted women as emotionally unstable, crazy, illogical, unpredictable and irrational. This has led to detrimental relationships between men and women, where the power of manipulation has burdened our women into believing that they are not good enough. I encourage men and women to read this article to gain perspective on the issue and to understand how to become aware of their actions, thus hopefully altering or modifying behavior that is hurtful and inconsiderate.


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The Butterfly

It is probable that no other animal or insect has come to represent transformation and shape-shifting as much as the butterfly. The process of metamorphosis is also closely associated with the butterfly due to the four stages of distinct change that the insect must undergo… Additionally, the butterfly has had powerful symbolic representation in various cultures worldwide; in early Christianity it was a symbol of the soul, in China it signified conjugal bliss and joy, and in the Hopi tradition unmarried girls wore their hair in the shape of butterfly wings. For the Native Americans, the butterfly is symbolic of change, joy and color. An encounter had with a butterfly can remind you to not take life so seriously, thus awakening a sensation of lightness and joy. As they dance from flower to flower, they also remind us to get up and move! Life is a dance and the act of dancing brings the sweetness of life back, further exemplified by the notion that butterflies have taste receptacles on their front feet– they taste flowers just by walking upon them!  If butterflies have come into your life then it is time to look into your life and assess how much or how little joy is within it. Moreover, a butterfly asks of you to look for change, for however daunting change may seem, it is for the best. Butterfly medicine will teach you that change and transformation does not have to be traumatic, it can occur as gently, as sweetly and as joyfully as we wish.

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Dia De Los Muertos

Happy Dia De Los Muertos!! A day to honor those who have come and gone…. To reflect on beauty and death and life… It’s a long journey, we all share that in common, and how we recognize those whose souls have left us is traditionally and culturally significant. In Mexican lore, this day is meant to honor the passing of all who lived with a candlelight vigil, bold colors to symbolize the spirits vital lives while on this earth, delicious food and sweets (sugar skulls!), presents, singing, dancing and community. Coming together to pay homage to the dead is how peace is made in this Mexican ritual…


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