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Messengers, Protectors + Visionaries: The Red Tailed Hawk

An intriguing and mystical bird, The Hawk represents visionary power and guardianship, having a precise cycle of power during the Spring and Fall Equinoxes– as well as during the New Moon. During these times of transition this bird of prey is at it’s finest, while also having a cycle correspondent with the New Moon, a moon that invokes embracing the beginning of something new.

Hawks are a varied species existing in marsh, forest, sea and prairie. Since Red-Tailed Hawks are prevalent in the Bay Area, I will discuss their symbology which is significant and dynamic. Known to have direct ties with what the Yogic/Ayurvedic studies refer to as the kundalini, or life force, the Red-Tailed Hawk is a harness for this energy as you begin to propel forward toward your soul’s purpose, your visions and dreams. It is not uncommon for innovative thinkers to come across obstacles or people who do not understand their diverse creativity (can I say StonerChic!) … Likewise, the Red-Tailed Hawk is attacked by small birds, especially crows, thus facing adversity frequently, but using it as a tool to create tolerance. In addition, the Red-Tailed Hawk has the visionary influence to leave impressions and stir the imagination, making you open to receive the new while stimulating and generating hope and bright, fresh ideas. In fact, the red of the Red-Tailed Hawk reflects the fervor of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forces, all which are at play. This build up of energy can lead to the development of astral projections, teaching a higher expression of psychism and vision associated with the 14th tarot card, Temperance. This teaching is of beauty and harmony in moderation. The number 14 comes up again specifically with regards to the life span of the Red-Tailed Hawk, who mates with a sole partner for that duration in its entirety. The Ojibwa saw the Red-Tailed Hawk as a figure of leadership, deliberation and foresight, thus having a strong energy and an innovative approach.

Here are some images of the mystical being in his own way…xx

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Last-Minute (fashion forward) Halloween Ideas!

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I would share a few final costume ideas! It’s hard to scramble last-minute for a fun and sexy costume, but not to worry, this post will hopefully ease the stress…

THE COWGIRL: With the Fall season being so heavily influenced by cool Country Western motifs, this should be an easy costume, using what you may already have and making a few purchases of items that may be used in the future! Also, you can always ask a friend to borrow some accessories that would compliment this fit (or ANY of the other fits, for that matter…). With this particular costume I would start with a cute mini denim skirt or pair of short shorts. The rugged look of denim, especially if the edges are tattered, instantly provides the country cowgirl feel. Moving forward I would add a plaid button-up  shirt. This piece can be tied for a more revealing affect or left as is for a more casual look. The key ingredients, however, are either the cowgirl hat or cowgirl boots. You don’t need both (seeing as it may be hard to come across these items this late in the game) but having one will definitely tie the outfit together. For very last-minute, no energy Halloween-ers, I would suggest a hat, you can buy those for cheap at any local costume store and it will be a dead giveaway as to what you are come the 31st. Get some braids going on in the hair, do some fun makeup, maybe find a way to incorporate some hay or dirt (if handy!) and definitely try to stay in character as a bad ass, horse-back riding, ranch living cowgirl!

Where’s Waldo: This costume idea is interactive and super fun! It’s great if you’re a single lady and you want a super cute boy to find you! HA.  With a nautical influence, all you really need to make this fit work is a red striped shirt, chunky black framed glasses, and a red/white striped beanie. I think that the essentials for this costume are the shirt and glasses, you can do away with the beanie or you can opt for an all white or all red beanie instead. As for the bottoms, I would wear black or denim skinnies, if you know you are going somewhere crowded, hot and heavy, then maybe I would suggest a cute black or jean mini! Have fun with this one, keep it playful!

The Goddess: Look sexy and ethereal as a stunning Goddess! You already have that special something, so why not highlight your magic on this night of wonder?! Dress as a Goddess and you will be sure to cast your spell on a few impressed Ladies and Gents… Here creativity is QUEEN. Wear a white short or long dress, hopefully one that has some movement so that is flows with your every move. From there, keep it simple with an Ivy Crow and Gold Belt; you can make the crown yourself or purchase a plastic one from your local seasonal costume shop. As for the belt, a standard gold belt will do or use various strands of gold ribbon (sheer, shiny, glittery) cut about 3 or 4 ft. in length so you are able to tie it around your waist a few times while leaving a few draping strands. Lastly, wear any variety of sandal, flat or heel, hopefully strappy.This costume is all about emanating natural sensuality, be your beautiful and bold self!

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Sunday Funday

I went out to Pt. Reyes Station on Sunday to Limantour Beach. This little gem of a beach resides in West Marin where the air is crisp and fresh, and the scenery is magical! I love how open I feel at the beach, exhilarating. I like to take a leisurely stroll while I dip my feet in the water and then sit back and relax… Possibly, even, write ideas in my journal for StonerChíc

I will grace you with some shots I took, hope you are able to grasp at least the essence of this magnificent beach, xxoo

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One Crazy Night Of Dancing!

 Aerial View Of My Sat Night Fit! Maddy…K Sheer Green Blouse From Crossroads Trading SF, Luxury Rebel Boots.

Maddy…K Sheer Green Blouse, H & M Shorts, Voce Keen Pyrite Bravery Necklace.

Side Angle! Vintage Side Satchel Purse, Camel Colored Leather.

Streets Ahead Cuff, Voce Keen Finger Wand Ring.

Streets Ahead Beaded Cuff, Resin Ring From Crossroads Trading SF.

James Dean And I In The Bathroom… Having A Moment.

Flashing My Fit And Voce Keen Pyrite Necklace!

My Girl Looking FLYY.

Disco Inferno.

Work. It.

Who Me? You Lookin’ At Me??!!

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I’ve compiled a series of photos with some personal accessories that would compliment any look. Some have a theme, others can be mixed and matched, ALL are gorgeous. Let me know what YOU think!

Enjoy the inspiration, xxoo

 Streets Ahead Cuffs (Beaded & Studded), Voce Keen Pyrite Bravery Necklace, Beaded Headband (personal), Asymmetrical Resin Ring (personal).

Marc Jacobs Necklace, Teal Leather Cuff, White Stone and Gold Wire Ring (both personal items).

Crow Watch, Voce Keen Finger Wand Rings, Bangles (from India, Thanks Sheila!).

Voce Keen Eagle Talon Earrings, Streets Ahead Cuff, Beaded Bangle (personal–from craft fair), Feather Necklace (personal).

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Wild Turkey

While sitting at my desk the other evening I noticed a brood of Wild Turkeys engaged in what I assume was a Mating Ritual, with two large birds intertwined at the neck making various sounds and calls, simultaneously flapping their wings aggressively and with pride, in front of a Wild Turkey audience. (As well as passers-by who engaged in startled observation)

Along with Autumn come the Wild Turkeys, for their cycle of power is during this time of the year which we have coined Harvest Time. Therefore it should come as no surprise to learn that Wild Turkeys symbolize Harvest and Shared Blessings. Sometimes called the Earth Eagle, the Turkey has a long history and association with spirituality and the honoring of Mother Earth, being seen as a figure for all the blessings that the earth contains, while also being able to use them to their greatest advantage. Additionally, the Turkey is known to live for up to 12 years, thus having a distinct correlation with the Earth who revolves around the sun in 12 months. Lastly, the Turkey is considered to be one of the most adaptable birds, with a varied diet who finds strength in numbers thereby demonstrating the energy that is associated with sharing.

So much to learn from Earth’s blessed and beautiful creatures! I’ve included some pictures of the Wild Turkey, notice how magical and magnificent the feathers are! xxoo SC

So Pronounced.

Natural Beauty.

A Small Brood of Wild Turkeys.

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Fall Wish List

A few pieces I am coveting from this Autumn/Winter fashion scene… Most I can not afford but LOVE and wish I could indulge in. Since I can’t, I will do the best with what I’ve got and MAKE IT WORK (in the famous words of Tim Gunn!) …Besides, you don’t need $$$ to be a trendy, hip, StonerChíc lady! You need imagination, creativity and a few pieces that make you look rich. Maybe blow a few bucks on one stellar item that will work with multiple outfits, that way it always feels fresh no matter what it’s paired with. Also, check thrift stores frequently, you can find great vintage clothing for cheap, as well as great retro shoes, a style that can be seen on the runway this season with regards to color and shape (see Pierre Hardy).

To satisfy the Metallic crave, sparkly bangles are a great way to look effortless in trying to keep up to date with all the many trends (think Roberto Coin). A good Peacoat is timeless, find one that is made well and you adore–even if you have to drop a little extra do-re-mi– because it will come in handy time and again, whether paired with boots, sweater and maxi skirt OR a cocktail dress, it is sure to keep you warm and à la mode! As if the 70’s weren’t enough to keep up with, the 40’s floral prints are also back, making them a sweet, delicate and girly option for upcoming holiday shindigs. Appropriate for nearly any setting and manageable in that you can glamor and vamp it up or keep it soft and demure, all depending on your feel for the night, this flavor of the month is a keeper. Fun, glamorous heels a plenty, as well as handbags, lace, patent leather, graphic knits and more!

Enjoy the spread, xox, StonerChíc

Pierre Hardy Suede Bootie, PIERREHARDY.COM

Dsquared2 Satin Sandal, DSQUARED2.COM

Charles By Charles David Glitter Sandal, CHARLESDAVID.COM

Jessica Simpson Collection Embossed Pump, JESSICASIMPSONCOLLECTION.COM

Tory Burch Suede And Leather Loafer, TORYBURCH.COM

Sandro Wool-blend And Leather Jacket, only available al Bloomingdale’s. For other SANDRO fashions try NET-A-PORTER.COM

Stripe By N Wool Coat, STRIPEBYN.COM

Andrew Marc Wool Jacket, ANDREWMARC.COM

Madewell Wool-blend Poncho, MADEWELL.COM

Opening Ceremony Wool Skirt, OPENINGCEREMONY.US

Marc Jacobs Embossed Lambskin Skirt, MARCJACOBS.COM

Kersh Cotton-blend Skirt, KERSH.CA

Aubin & Wills Wool Sweater, AUBINANDWILLS.COM

Rag & Bone Wool Top, SHOPBOP.COM

The Limited Cotton-blend Crewneck Sweater, THELIMITED.COM

Miss Me Polyester And Spandex Lace Dress, MISSME.COM

Anna Sui Silk Crepe De Chine Dress, ANNASUI.COM

Candela Silk Shirtdress, CANDELANYC.COM

KBL Eyewear Handmade Sunglasses, KBLEYEWEAR.COM

Roberto Coin Bangles, NEIMANMARCUS.COM

Monsoon Banita Velvet Cross-body, MONSOON.CO.UK

Monsoon Aahana Bangle, MONSOON.CO.UK

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Eye Candy

I want to share with you a few looks I’m SO totally into… Nothing fancy, just some clothing encouragement for when you have no idea what to wear (we’ve all been there before!) … Maybe try recreating some of these looks in their entirety or mix in aspects of these outfits into your ensemble… Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be fabulous, you are after all a StonerChíc reader, how could you not have superb taste?? xxoo SC

Loving the Punk Rock accessories. Simple studded cuff and belt, as well as totally chic oversized clutch, paired perfectly with crisp white shirt and metallic pants.

Navy blue meets chrome-blue with a splash of warm caramel brown, delicious. The sexxxy slit, the lovely boots, and of course, FEATHERS. Die. I NEED to replicate this in some way…

Wild World. I love how nature meets fashion in this look. The intense shirt with the beautiful white tiger as well as the feather and turquoise adornments.

This Navy Sweater Blazer is divine. The cut is flattering and the embellished, brassy gold buttons give it a sophisticated edge. And of course Alexa Chung models this look exquisitely with funky, bold accessories; love the bag and the sunglasses!

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Jewel Tones

With the 70’s stylings making their way back into the mainstream fashion consciousness yet again, it is no wonder that an array of luscious and opulent jewel tones have also been on the forefront this season. Emerald green, navy blue and purple have been on the rise… Including these royal color into your wardrobe will add an elegant flair, making you look posh and feel sumptuous! Whether as an accent; such as in a belt, handbag or bootie or as a key feature of your outfit, say as in a blouse, pant or dress, these ravishing hues are sure to give you an extra boost in clothing confidence! xox



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