Hints of Green

ELLE Magazine, October Issue, has the most gorgeous fashion spread. From Russia, With Love features vintage and modern clothing from the designer Max Mara. Beautiful, structured pieces that brave the Winter chill, these coats and ponchos are decadent. The editorial is stylish and elegant, featuring the city of Moscow as the ornate backdrop to the classic color scheme with its prefect pop of emerald-green. I love the idea of taking a neutral palette and adding one rich color that instantly magnifies the look. See for yourself how pleasing, and powerful, it is… xxoo

Vintage Wool Pique Poncho, F/W 1976-77.

Melton Wool And Cashmere Hooded Coat.

Alpaca Coat With Leather Details.

Alpaca Coat With Leather Piping, F/W 1976-77.

Mohair Wool Lurex Tartan Coat With Buckle Closure.

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2 thoughts on “Hints of Green

  1. The first picture looks so cool! I have no idea whats going on but all I know is that it looks cool .


  2. Madeline says:

    GORGEOUS. love the photos and the green is so yummmy…. awesome blog! thanks!

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