The Love Below

Erin Wasson is an international supermodel who has graced the cover of Vogue magazines the world over. She has a laid back style with just enough cutting-edge … It comes as no surprise that her jewelry line LOW LUV, which she began in the Spring of 2008, has had tremendous success! As the designer she has recreated a more polished aesthetic to the Rock ‘N’ Roll look. In addition, her pieces have tribal flair– giving the jewelry significance so that each piece has a story to tell.

I am a TOTAL ring girl. Ok, the truth is I love all jewelry, but in this collection I fell in a deep state of infatuation with her ring designs, thus I will show you my favorite rings and new pictures of the beauty and designer herself in the new LOW LUV collection…As well as snapshots of Erin Wasson so you can get a feel for her personal style. Have fun! xxoo

I adore this feather crown. Stunning and ethereal.

The rings, the headband, the black and white.

The bangles, yes please. Love the white dress and how it drapes.

State. Ment.

The leather and the gold necklace, yumm.


Delicate crystals in chunky gold setting, total Rock ‘N’ Roll.

You can never go wrong with fringe. And LOW LUV jewelry.


The appeal. Love the zippered leather vest and the white-framed sunglasses. Perfect with the one bold bangle and rings!

I would wear this ALWAYS. I covet, madly.

**For a fun LOW LUV shopping adventure, click here**

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One thought on “The Love Below

  1. Love the handbands but couldn’t dare to wear yet :)

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