Femme Fatale

Sophia Loren is a cinematic diva and a fashion icon. Possessing a versatile beauty with a wide range of looks and emotions, as well as a voluptuous body type that has no resemblance to the emaciated models/actresses of today, Sophia pushed boundaries and took risks that in her time must have seen unbecoming of such a nice young lady as herself… Esteemed by her peers and admired for her extensive body of work, after-all she has received 50 awards, she is one of the most well known icons of fashion and film.

The beauty herself… xx

Gorgeous Up-do, Love the Vintage Cameo Ring.

Floral Pleated Shirt-Dress. OK! Oh, and the soft face-framing curls.

Ravishing. Her almond-shaped eyes, WOW.


The Straw Hat and The White Suit.

Sex Symbol.


Kitten. And the White Stripped Sundress is Too Cute!


Color-blocking, Fish-Nets and Kitten Heels.

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