Brunello Cucinelli, F/W 2011

Items I covet and in no way could afford. But I admire the design. Such ease to every look, beautiful colors and fabrics, as well as textures and shapes. I love the laid back and rugged  Cucinelli F/W 2011 style, all the while there remains an air of total and utter refinement, every outfit is polished, every piece to the ensemble is exquisite.

Some styes from the collection… xo

Cozy, Comfortable, Chic.

Cool Olive-Green Grey Tones.

Casual and Sophisticated.

Warm, Toasty, Smart.

Bold Bag and Warm Sweater. Love the layered necklace too!

Asymmetrical Down Vest. Nice.


The Beanie, The Blazer, The Big Bag, The Boots.

Fur and A Pop of Berry Red. Juicy.

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One thought on “Brunello Cucinelli, F/W 2011

  1. PeppermintLucy says:

    totally diggin’ the fall and winter clothes. so warm,toasty and cozy colors.

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