Last-Minute (fashion forward) Halloween Ideas!

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I would share a few final costume ideas! It’s hard to scramble last-minute for a fun and sexy costume, but not to worry, this post will hopefully ease the stress…

THE COWGIRL: With the Fall season being so heavily influenced by cool Country Western motifs, this should be an easy costume, using what you may already have and making a few purchases of items that may be used in the future! Also, you can always ask a friend to borrow some accessories that would compliment this fit (or ANY of the other fits, for that matter…). With this particular costume I would start with a cute mini denim skirt or pair of short shorts. The rugged look of denim, especially if the edges are tattered, instantly provides the country cowgirl feel. Moving forward I would add a plaid button-up  shirt. This piece can be tied for a more revealing affect or left as is for a more casual look. The key ingredients, however, are either the cowgirl hat or cowgirl boots. You don’t need both (seeing as it may be hard to come across these items this late in the game) but having one will definitely tie the outfit together. For very last-minute, no energy Halloween-ers, I would suggest a hat, you can buy those for cheap at any local costume store and it will be a dead giveaway as to what you are come the 31st. Get some braids going on in the hair, do some fun makeup, maybe find a way to incorporate some hay or dirt (if handy!) and definitely try to stay in character as a bad ass, horse-back riding, ranch living cowgirl!

Where’s Waldo: This costume idea is interactive and super fun! It’s great if you’re a single lady and you want a super cute boy to find you! HA.  With a nautical influence, all you really need to make this fit work is a red striped shirt, chunky black framed glasses, and a red/white striped beanie. I think that the essentials for this costume are the shirt and glasses, you can do away with the beanie or you can opt for an all white or all red beanie instead. As for the bottoms, I would wear black or denim skinnies, if you know you are going somewhere crowded, hot and heavy, then maybe I would suggest a cute black or jean mini! Have fun with this one, keep it playful!

The Goddess: Look sexy and ethereal as a stunning Goddess! You already have that special something, so why not highlight your magic on this night of wonder?! Dress as a Goddess and you will be sure to cast your spell on a few impressed Ladies and Gents… Here creativity is QUEEN. Wear a white short or long dress, hopefully one that has some movement so that is flows with your every move. From there, keep it simple with an Ivy Crow and Gold Belt; you can make the crown yourself or purchase a plastic one from your local seasonal costume shop. As for the belt, a standard gold belt will do or use various strands of gold ribbon (sheer, shiny, glittery) cut about 3 or 4 ft. in length so you are able to tie it around your waist a few times while leaving a few draping strands. Lastly, wear any variety of sandal, flat or heel, hopefully strappy.This costume is all about emanating natural sensuality, be your beautiful and bold self!

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3 thoughts on “Last-Minute (fashion forward) Halloween Ideas!

  1. LOVE the Where’s Waldo idea! Very easy. Another easy one is lion tamer, which I’ll be doing this year. Leather shorts, over the knee boots, red blazer and top hat! Super easy and fun!

    • stonerchic says:

      Thanks! Super fun. Your Lion Tamer costume sounds too cute, I’m also wearing knee high boots for my Vampire look… Follow my blog and I’ll do the same! xxoo

  2. My go-to halloween costume is the cowgirl! So easy…..


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