Wild Turkey

While sitting at my desk the other evening I noticed a brood of Wild Turkeys engaged in what I assume was a Mating Ritual, with two large birds intertwined at the neck making various sounds and calls, simultaneously flapping their wings aggressively and with pride, in front of a Wild Turkey audience. (As well as passers-by who engaged in startled observation)

Along with Autumn come the Wild Turkeys, for their cycle of power is during this time of the year which we have coined Harvest Time. Therefore it should come as no surprise to learn that Wild Turkeys symbolize Harvest and Shared Blessings. Sometimes called the Earth Eagle, the Turkey has a long history and association with spirituality and the honoring of Mother Earth, being seen as a figure for all the blessings that the earth contains, while also being able to use them to their greatest advantage. Additionally, the Turkey is known to live for up to 12 years, thus having a distinct correlation with the Earth who revolves around the sun in 12 months. Lastly, the Turkey is considered to be one of the most adaptable birds, with a varied diet who finds strength in numbers thereby demonstrating the energy that is associated with sharing.

So much to learn from Earth’s blessed and beautiful creatures! I’ve included some pictures of the Wild Turkey, notice how magical and magnificent the feathers are! xxoo SC

So Pronounced.

Natural Beauty.

A Small Brood of Wild Turkeys.

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One thought on “Wild Turkey

  1. Beautiful detail in the feathers of the second photograph. Stunning colors

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