Spinning the web of life

Having a pet spider is much less responsibility than having a pet puppy. Although at times I feel a little uneasy with my spider friend, I have grown to nearly notice her existence–aside from when I get into my car and find silk webbing all over me! In fact, she doesn’t bother me at all anymore and I feel blessed to be having her visit, for however long it lasts…

Since I noticed her I have been wondering what she is trying to tell me, as she patiently weaves her silk web. After reading up on her I was pleased to learn that Spiders symbolize Creativity and The Weaving of Fate. Having appeared in Greek and Scandinavian lore as the weavers who would measure and cut the threads of life, Spiders are a reminder to cultivate and ignite our creative fires, thus awakening to our own deeper sensibilities.  With eight legs and a figure eight infinity shape when on its side,  the spider is also symbolically associated with the wheel of life, teaching us to maintain a balance among past + future, physical + spiritual, male + female.

What a beautiful message! Hope it finds you well as it has for me… besos, xxoo SC

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