Knock ‘Em Out

I know it’s Fall and soon it will be Winter, yet again. And with the seasonal changes, fashion trends begin to reflect the environment around us. Usually Fall invites an array of Autumn Inspired Shades; golden yellows, rusty oranges and deep, purple-reds. These warm tones are luscious and have enormous style potential, making any Fall outfit feel rich, especially when combined with pattern or texture. Although I embrace the palette changes as the seasons turn, I refuse to be confined to just a few Fall colors. An edgy PUNCH is always a must, and I prefer to make that statement with a bold color; something that adds flair without detracting from the other elements of an outfit, color done right. Fashion, style and grace is all about self expression, but taking it too far is always a dance on a very fine line. You don’t want to overwhelm the Fall color scheme with jarring, loud attempts at color. Instead, color is an accent. It can come in the form of an immaculately tailored jacket, a flattering pair of pants, striking shoes, sumptuous scarves or jewelry.

Sometimes, even, less is more.

Peep these pictures for ideas on how to wear color and to see what makes the use of hue so appealing and pleasurable to the eye! xo,StonerChíc


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3 thoughts on “Knock ‘Em Out

  1. I totally agree when you say that an “egdy punch” is a must. Colour just adds quirkiness to any outfit.. why look dull in autumn (or any time of the year for that matter, lol)? x

    • stonerchic says:

      Edita, Thank you for reading my blog! Please follow it if you like. As for the “edgy punch” of color, yes yess yesss! So happy to have someone who is on the same page ;)
      Again, thank you for the comment and much love, StonerChic Girl

  2. natalie says:

    I LOVE everything on here!!

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