Fuck You Very Much, Society

I am sorry to have to straight-up drop the F Bomb so early on into our relationship as blogger and blog follower, but it had to be done. This image is the truth. We have asked for our beautiful, strong, fierce, independent, nurturing, charismatic, and bold women to focus ALL of their energy on having a distinct body type and thus we as a society have lost all sense of authentic and sincere beauty, beauty that has created all of us healthy, happy, vibrant human beings. Instead we pick and pry at our flesh as if it were just that, dead meat. We cut and scrape and tuck and lift until we are a mere decrepit image of our soul, tarnished from all the prodding. In my opinion, and the message I will always promote here at StonerChíc, is that fashion is meant to go beyond hunger, it is meant to inspire us to display our magical selves to all the world via amazing adornments that only enhance our natural lustre. Honestly, wtf, look at these images and tell me you’d rather be with the chick on the right?! How sad does stick and bones look…

Why must we shrivel away at our women?

I stand for Proud Women, Strong Women, ALL Women. Peace and Love, xoxo

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4 thoughts on “Fuck You Very Much, Society

  1. Fleshy women are terrifying — they’re powerful. Powerful women scare the shit out of everyone…Skinny girls have no strength or stamina. Of course, they’re preferred. Docile wins, babe!

    • stonerchic says:

      Thank you for the comment! Yes, power, ah…Power is only attained when it is given. We fear them, the “fleshy women.” Thus we have given all people the power of fear, fear of (dare i say) fat …. We are always careful and tentative with what we put in our mouths or in our body, without asking why, thus falling into terrible diet shams and victim to food corporations who make up “nutritional facts” ……. So much to discuss, could go on for hours…. Instead, I wonder how I will change this for myself and thus pay it forward… Best of luck to you! Please follow my blog, if you like.

  2. Tyne Swedish says:

    You got that right girl!

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