Disco Heaven and Beyond

Platform Shoes, Jump Suits, Wide Legged Flair Pants, Maxi or Mini Skirts/Dresses, Sequins, the fashion trends could go on forever! These however are particular to a time of living it up and drinking it down (as well as blowing it into your nose!) the 70’s! A time when women could choose who they wanted to be and what they wanted to wear, the fashion set the tone for female independence. Coming up out of the 60’s Women’s Liberation Movement, it was a time of self creation and exploration, utilizing the effervescent music and disco scene as energy and inspiration. Many of the styles coined in the 70’s are creeping back into mainstream, current trend. It is not at all surprising to find someone wearing a decadent pair of platform pumps with wide-leg pants, not to mention the cute colorful tanks usually tucked right in! Or wide-brimmed floppy hats with colorful billowy and sheer blouses or long maxi skirts. Either way, the impact is effortless and easy to attain with a few key elements. Pick your favorite and most likely to wear bottom: the maxi skirt or flare pant and add warm, colorful tones mixed with tribal/ethnic prints. You can also simply put on a dress and some platforms and call it a day! Whatever the outcome, I’m sure it will be beautiful because it will be YOU.

happy styling, stonerchíc

One thought on “Disco Heaven and Beyond

  1. Tyne Swedish says:

    So much 70s fashion!!! YES!!!

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