Deerly Beloved

Continuing on with the Native American tradition and theme that is visited regularly on this blog, tonight I would LOVE to share The Way of The Deer. Graceful, swift, and elusive, the Deer is a magnificent creature symbolizing gentleness and innocence, with an Autumn and Spring cycle of power… No wonder I have been seeing SO many!

A tender soul, the deer is also associated with instinctual energy, regeneration and independence. Having pronounced yet delicate features, this precious animal has been bestowed with antlers which shed and re-grow each year, getting larger and more striking with more points for 5 years. The distinct antennae is said to have connections with higher forms of attunement, thus being able to relate to various perceptions, in which case, if you too have been seeing deer, then they are telling you to pay attention to your inner thoughts and consciousness. Additionally, legend has stated that it was the deer who lured Sir Gawain, of King Arthur, into the woods so he could begin his adventures. (See, it’s not only Native American lore, but also cross-cultural, the power of animals!) This is why deer are also believed to indicate new opportunities, stimulating gentle new growth increasingly over the next few years. (Yea StonerChic, you are my baby and I will nurture you until you grow, grow, GROW) Lastly, these are some other associations made with the deer; contact with past lives and acute senses, especially hearing and vision which is designed for clarity at a distance as well as to see contrasts and edges in dim light.

Here are some images that evoke the deer personality and spirit, both in form and fashion, xxoo SC

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