A Paragon Portland Pendleton Collection

Try saying that 5x real fast…. what a doozy! Something like the collection…outstanding and unique.

Pendleton is a classic American Woolen Mills, operating for over 140 years, and The Portland Collection is giving the centuries old company a revamp, making it an attractive clothing line for us twenty-something/thirty-something kids. With the collaboration of Mort Bishop, the President of Pendleton and designers Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk and John Blasioli, the line is rooted in the Pendleton esthetic while also exploring modern elements of style; making the label “exciting, wearable and relevant.”

Traditional designs and intricate patterns galore, with an understated sophistication, make each piece of this collection an exciting feature in any bohemian, StonerChíc girl’s closet! Bold patterns in simple earth tones, plaid, mod shaped dresses in ancient motifs, sophisticated lines with gorgeous military-like brass embellishments, soft poncho sweaters, dramatic coats, and fabulous thick bundled scarves.

I’ve provided some picks for your viewing pleasure,  xxoo SC

Fabulous Textile Scarf, Beautiful Navy Blouse, Grey/Green Skinnies.

Stream-lined racer back with handsome ornamentation.

Beige Poncho Style Sweater.

Mod-like dress with polished tribal appeal.

Structured Camel Coat and Red Plaid Button-Down Dress.

Cable-knit Sweater with Leather Elbow Patches, Plaid Blouse, Native Design Short.

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One thought on “A Paragon Portland Pendleton Collection

  1. Tyne Swedish says:

    I love every piece of this collection! I must continue my deal to not shop for a while but if I could I would purchase every piece seen here!

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