One (Wo)Man’s Trash Is Another (Wo)Man’s Treasure

It is very common in the SF Bay Area to come across the eminent STREET SCORE. Whether it is the free sofa sitting curbside or just a bag/box of miscellaneous goodies, the street score is paying it forward without any recollection of how vital an element it is to the greater SF Bay Area culture. The giving nature of humans is displayed when someone so generously decides to leave something that is no longer of use to them for another person to make do… On many walks down the SF streets and in various East Bay neighborhoods I have happily rummaged through purposely abandoned goodie bags sifting away trash from treasure, exhilarating! Life is like a street score, you never know what you’re gonna get!

Today I took a turn in the giving direction and left some delicious treats for someone to devour, happy treasure hunting! xx, sc

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One thought on “One (Wo)Man’s Trash Is Another (Wo)Man’s Treasure

  1. Pigeon Heart says:

    Portland OR has the same thing going on. Free boxes galore. And lotsa times, you can get to a garage sale late, where they have given up and put every thing out for free. Awww yeah…

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