Damsel In Disguise

The Masquerade, a beautiful and flamboyant display of pageantry where one is dared to alter their persona…even if just for the night!

A fleeting affair, the Masquerade Ball is an elaborate happening that requires months of planning for the perfect, most ostentatious costume; having an impact is the goal, thus making your mark and imprinting a memory.

Whimsical and witty or disturbing and dark, the Masquerade has no boundaries; it is all left in the hand of the creator, may her imagination unfold in creativity to display herself as a peacock to the rest of the of the ball!

Okay, but really? Halloween is just around the corner and some of us are scrambling for ideas, right!? Okay, I’m not, I get shit done. But I have before and it sucks. You loose all energy into caring and just decide to stay in, not go out, feel sorry for yourself, eat candy…you get the idea. So I am going to try to post some fun, easy, creative costume improvisations for you to muster up! I am allured by the mask and how amazing a tool for artful, fanciful manipulation. This costume idea is great for the “OMG I LOVE HALLOWEEN!” type or the “halloween? Oh yea, we’re going out… I’ll just get WASTED”  type. If you are the former, you have the liberty to play this one UP. A lavish ballroom gown with petticoat, big Queen Marie Antoinette hair (wig!), high colorful heels, white stockings, showy costume jewelry, ribbons, glitter…Anything is allowed! Just remember, the mask is the key. It is your  fabulous veil allowing you to slip in and out of an alter ego all-night-long. Fantastical. Look for one you absolutely adore and build a story/character around the look, feel the energy of the mask, your new, temporary face. If you want, really get into it.

However, if you are the latter and you could not care less what costume you wear and last year you went out in a ridiculous bath robe with curlers in your hair pretending to be a “grandma” (oh wait, you were actually home alone crying about how you didn’t get it together in time to whip up a costume, anything, and go out with your friends!) then this costume works for you too. Without even having to put much effort or money (maybe) into the look of the night, you can dress up with out making a mess up! Simply find a StonerChíc mask, one that you feel comfortable wearing throughout the night (at least while pics are being taken) and wear a simple all black outfit. Whatever you do, you can make the statement of the night be your stellar mask, allow it to say everything you didn’t feel like expressing in elaborate wear. If you feel daring, maybe add some supercool, bold jewelry to complement the mask while keeping the clothing a more neutral tone.

Have fun! SC

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