Crow Nation

Native American medicine draws on insight, inspiration, admiration, and connection with NATURE. Acting as an ideal model of our own potential, the natural world is representative of how to behave, teaching us what traits to acquire and why connection with all living things is essential, imperative. I have already featured a piece on Owls and their notable characteristics, on what they represent and on what is learned when being attune to their way of life. Here I will share about the mystical and peculiar CROW. For a while they have been following me around as I go about my day. They are beautiful. At times frightful because of their pronounced color, yet when I see them I feel safe, held in a space of power, magic, inventiveness, and revelation.

Throughout various cultural lore, Crows have been noted as being evocative birds reminding us daily that the Secret Magic of Creation is Calling. With an All Day and All Year power cycle, the Crow is a constant reminder to manifest creativity and magic throughout our lives. A strikingly luxurious coat of all black feathers with hints of deep blue and purple, the Crow’s color is in itself emblematic of creation for black is the archetypal color of which something NEW is born. The dark night leads to a fresh new day. Additionally, the Crow is associated with the winds of change–meaning that if you observe this particular bird and embrace its teachings, you will have the capacity to see how the winds of your life are blowing and how to adjust your own life flights.

Magic, it truly is everywhere, embrace the beauty. xx, Sc

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4 thoughts on “Crow Nation

  1. Pigeon Heart says:

    Yeah girl. Bring it home. I was having a crow moment myself today, well, yesterday, but you smell what Im cooking. Thanks for the “pre American Native” explanation too. Love it.

    • stonerchic says:

      Thanks Pigeon Heart for checking out my blog!
      Crows truly are magical creatures sent to us in times of creative need or fruition… Beauty all around us :)
      As for Street Scores, I don’t doubt their existence in many places, they really are awesome and give a sense of community, so vital in some of our more sprawling urban cities…

  2. hannah says:

    Question: Are crows the same as ravens? The raven is in my animal oracle card deck and has a similar reading.

    • stonerchic says:

      You must have read my mind! I was just thinking about how I should specify the difference, or similarity… Meaning: All Ravens are Crows but not all Crows are Ravens. Symbolically speaking they have most all qualities the same. Physically, Ravens are larger in size and have a more robust frame than the Crow who is more slender.
      Hope this answers your question. If you have anymore, keep ’em coming! xo

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