Cleaning out your closet is hard to do!


It is 1:08AM (PST) and I have JUST finished cleaning my closet… an endeavor which began around 8PM. 5 Hours. Sure, I took a break here and there, for water, restroom, trying on old clothes, dancing, having a puff etc. Either way, I am exhausted. Here are a few things I learned in the process:

*Throwing away, giving away, letting go is HARD. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I find it challenging to get rid of an article of clothing (even if its been a year since I last wore it…) for fear that in 6 months it will resurface in the world of clothing fashion/trend and I will have to go run and buy one since the one I had (which was like new!) is gone. Surely, this is not the grandest of deals. (In fact, it is trivial…first-world-problems).

*Creating space in your closet for handbags, oy vey! They are bulky and take up space. Yet they are the most crucial of accessories since they carry all our crap (by crap, I mean extremely necessary lip glosses–20 of them, journal, book, iPod, iPhone, wallet, etc.) I found that it was much easier to consolidate all the purses by placing one or two of them (of appropriate size so as to not affect the form/shape of the bag) into another larger bag. Also, using the satchel that comes with (some) purses is helpful. You can place more than one bag into the satchel and it guards the purses from any scratches on the leather and protects them from dust.

*Shoes. You can never have too many shoes. Until they are busting out of your closet and you do not know what, on gods green earth, to do with all of them! So, instead of attempting to stuff and pile and cram all of my beloved shoes, I have opted for the container. At any Bed Bath & Beyond or Target Store buy a large receptacle big enough to fit however many shoes you fancy. Mine fits approximately 20 pairs. It allows for more space in my closet for the shoes I will be wearing this season, all the while keeping my summer sandals in tip-top shape!

*Sweaters are bulky too. If handbags and shoes are an issue, wait until you have tons of fluffy, cozy, comfy sweaters that just don’t want to stay put. Anytime you go to grab one, five come out. Problem. My solution has been to spilt them up. You’ve got the cozy, thicker than a cardigan sweater which is perfect hung with jackets, especially if it is long and grazes the floor; the chunky grandpa pull-over sweater does well folded, and cardigans can be hung over dresses or tops (better yet, make an outfit as you organize–as in your cute floral top that goes perfectly with your coral cardigan! That way, next time you can take some of the guessing out of getting dressed.)

Ok. I’ll leave you with that. I’m sure this topic isn’t terribly exciting, but having a functional closet is part of being a fashion maven. You should be able to see virtually every article of clothing you own. If you don’t, you won’t wear it. And what good is that? The point is to be SEEN. xo


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One thought on “Cleaning out your closet is hard to do!

  1. Tyne Swedish says:

    Cleaning out ones closet is hard to do in deed! I just think of the TV program Hoarders and that makes it easier. I also think of the orphans I donate my clothing to and then I end up giving away even more.

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