Bloody Awesome

Yes, it’s true, I’m a Trubie. I LOVE True Blood. #1 Fan Right Here! I am torn between Eric Northman and Alcide Herveaux, I totally don’t know who I would prefer… ughhh. And as far as the plot: I’m pissed about Jesus this last season, why did they do that to him, to Lafayette? Just when things were getting really interesting between the two! I am so down with Sam Merlot’s story line, yesss. He once was a lame-sauce character and now he’s showing some grit, besides, his new babe is bodacious. Lastly, I like Sookie, but I agree with Pam, why the F does everyone run around Bon Temps kissing the ground she walks on? She’s annoyingly indecisive and sometimes I am embarrassed to watch her character play dumb. Otherwise, True Blood is addictive and seductively entertaining, as well as sinfully gratuitous.

Moving on…

So in all seriousness, I have decided that this Halloween I will be a sexy, bad-ass Vamp. Uh huh. See, in the past I have spent a lot of money on costumes I would NEVER wear again. Wack. Therefore, this year I am making the choice to only be something with a costume that I can make from some of my own bits and pieces, inexpensive drugstore t-shirts, rubber bands, fake blood, fangs, and TONS of makeup… and of course, an AWESOME pair of boots! What is the point on blowing $100 on a costume? Blow ’em on a fabulous pair of  boots! Okay, so maybe spend $275, but at least you’ll wear them over and over and over again…

(May I just add that at this very moment, 2:13AM PST, the theme song to TB has just come on, it is called Bad Things by Jace Everett. AMAZING. MEANT TO BE.)

As I was saying…

The boots are sweet, I’ll show them to you and shut up! But before I do, let me add that I will be wearing these bad boys come Hallows Eve with some fish nets, short shorts, ripped up white tee (covered in “blood”), fangs (duh), super teased big hair, “blood” ALL over my bod, and dark dramatic eye makeup. Aside from the crazy blood, all other aspects of this outfit are pretty cute! I’ll show pics once it all goes down. xx

If you love these boots and need a pair too, go here to purchase!

Scroll over image for brand and design.

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