Tribal Revival

Ralph Lauren has a new Young, Edgy, Laid-back collection: DENIM & SUPPLY. The look aspires to promote 100% self-expression and claims to be re-establishing the prospect of Individual Style. Here at StonerChíc I am all about character and originality, therefore I salute the notion and give a hearty cheers! to the designers of Denim & Supply.

The Collection is perfection. Hipster meets tribal style with rugged individuality expressed in every dress, sweater, top, pant, jacket, etc. Looks are embellished with heavy layering of fur, tribal prints, plaid, wool sweaters, sequins, herringbone coats, patched denim, leather, handbags, hats and scarves. Enjoy a few pics from the line, xo SC

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One thought on “Tribal Revival

  1. Tyne Swedish says:

    i’ve seen these items in real life at Macy’s and they are so fabulous!

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