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Jane’s Addiction

The Alternative Rock band’s new cd The Great Escape Artist is bitchin. I kid you not, this shit is good. Some key tracks NOT to be missed would have to be: End To The Lies, Broken People, Irresistible Force, Splash A Little Water On It, and I’ll Hit You Back. Aside from creating powerful music that is soulful and gritty, the band has some flamboyant style! Perry Farrell (Vocals) and Dave Navarro (Guitar) have eccentric tastes that truly match their rock/metal/electronic feel. Although different, the two have a musical chemistry that seems to work… Seeing as they are still able to tolerate one another throughout the very tumultuous band-relationship dynamics…

A few pics to get you in the mood for some serious zaniness!

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Hints of Green

ELLE Magazine, October Issue, has the most gorgeous fashion spread. From Russia, With Love features vintage and modern clothing from the designer Max Mara. Beautiful, structured pieces that brave the Winter chill, these coats and ponchos are decadent. The editorial is stylish and elegant, featuring the city of Moscow as the ornate backdrop to the classic color scheme with its prefect pop of emerald-green. I love the idea of taking a neutral palette and adding one rich color that instantly magnifies the look. See for yourself how pleasing, and powerful, it is… xxoo

Vintage Wool Pique Poncho, F/W 1976-77.

Melton Wool And Cashmere Hooded Coat.

Alpaca Coat With Leather Details.

Alpaca Coat With Leather Piping, F/W 1976-77.

Mohair Wool Lurex Tartan Coat With Buckle Closure.

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Cold-Weather Bootie Bear-ALL

Booties are so totally in and just amazingly cute with virtually anything! They bring out the biker-babe in any StonerChic girl who would boldly pair them with skin tight jeans, a sexy white tee and leather jacket. Simple, classic, basic, edgy. Of course I love to wear my booties with skirts and dresses as well, long or short, does. not. matter. They definitely spruce up an outfit, making the bootie the main attraction and allowing you to keep the rest casual and relaxed. If you want the high-fashion appeal, then I suggest sharp accessories: gold chains, leather bracelets, chunky crystal rings, anything you can find, layer it on. Another sophisticated yet fresh idea is to wear these booties with a figure flattering pencil skirt, tank and cardigan. The rugged boots can offset the preppy cardigan look, giving each an element of fusion that just works, quirky, fun, original, hot.


To Purchase, click PIPERLIME.COM

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Available at ZAPPOS.COM

These Booties Can Be Found at SSENSE.COM

For A Limited Time Only at BLOOMINGDALES.COM


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Mystical, Bohemian, Cali-Hippie StonerChíc.

Laid Back California Stylings influenced by nature, music, passion, magic, love, beauty, tribal, spiritual, sun, moon, stars, power!

The light, as well as antique feel to these images is delicate, as if a sun-kissed veil is draped over the lens of the camera to provide the softest of glows… xoxo

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Brunello Cucinelli, F/W 2011

Items I covet and in no way could afford. But I admire the design. Such ease to every look, beautiful colors and fabrics, as well as textures and shapes. I love the laid back and rugged  Cucinelli F/W 2011 style, all the while there remains an air of total and utter refinement, every outfit is polished, every piece to the ensemble is exquisite.

Some styes from the collection… xo

Cozy, Comfortable, Chic.

Cool Olive-Green Grey Tones.

Casual and Sophisticated.

Warm, Toasty, Smart.

Bold Bag and Warm Sweater. Love the layered necklace too!

Asymmetrical Down Vest. Nice.


The Beanie, The Blazer, The Big Bag, The Boots.

Fur and A Pop of Berry Red. Juicy.

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Femme Fatale

Sophia Loren is a cinematic diva and a fashion icon. Possessing a versatile beauty with a wide range of looks and emotions, as well as a voluptuous body type that has no resemblance to the emaciated models/actresses of today, Sophia pushed boundaries and took risks that in her time must have seen unbecoming of such a nice young lady as herself… Esteemed by her peers and admired for her extensive body of work, after-all she has received 50 awards, she is one of the most well known icons of fashion and film.

The beauty herself… xx

Gorgeous Up-do, Love the Vintage Cameo Ring.

Floral Pleated Shirt-Dress. OK! Oh, and the soft face-framing curls.

Ravishing. Her almond-shaped eyes, WOW.


The Straw Hat and The White Suit.

Sex Symbol.


Kitten. And the White Stripped Sundress is Too Cute!


Color-blocking, Fish-Nets and Kitten Heels.

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The Love Below

Erin Wasson is an international supermodel who has graced the cover of Vogue magazines the world over. She has a laid back style with just enough cutting-edge … It comes as no surprise that her jewelry line LOW LUV, which she began in the Spring of 2008, has had tremendous success! As the designer she has recreated a more polished aesthetic to the Rock ‘N’ Roll look. In addition, her pieces have tribal flair– giving the jewelry significance so that each piece has a story to tell.

I am a TOTAL ring girl. Ok, the truth is I love all jewelry, but in this collection I fell in a deep state of infatuation with her ring designs, thus I will show you my favorite rings and new pictures of the beauty and designer herself in the new LOW LUV collection…As well as snapshots of Erin Wasson so you can get a feel for her personal style. Have fun! xxoo

I adore this feather crown. Stunning and ethereal.

The rings, the headband, the black and white.

The bangles, yes please. Love the white dress and how it drapes.

State. Ment.

The leather and the gold necklace, yumm.


Delicate crystals in chunky gold setting, total Rock ‘N’ Roll.

You can never go wrong with fringe. And LOW LUV jewelry.


The appeal. Love the zippered leather vest and the white-framed sunglasses. Perfect with the one bold bangle and rings!

I would wear this ALWAYS. I covet, madly.

**For a fun LOW LUV shopping adventure, click here**

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Just Kids

PATTI SMITH. I admire this woman with all my heart and soul. Her words are effortlessly magical poetry and she writes with candor. No frills, no bells, no whistles. She recollects her story and gives you every juicy detail, from the clothing worn to the words exchanged, even the feeling and smell is grasped as you sift through the pages of her memoir, Just Kids. This autobiographical tale spans the intermingled lives of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe–as two misfit kids who just wanted to express and share their art, their vision, with the rest of NYC, with the rest of the world. Living in tiny apartments off of scarce resources the two find love, magic, beauty, friendship, pain, suffering, happiness, entertainment and beyond, in the lavish and frenzied streets of the late 60’s and early 70’s NYC scene. Finally settling at the ever infamous Hotel Chelsea, the pair moves forward with their self discovery, feeding off of the scene and most importantly off of each other, sharing an electric chemistry that goes far beyond sexual and enters the realm of instinctual and spiritual. This book is a treasure to read.

Here you will find a few pictures of the duo, pre-fame. The look is so gritty, so real and yet so avant-garde. Balancing on a fine line of disastrous and remarkable, all the while paving the way for a forward approach in thinking and creating… Hope you read this moving memoir. NOW, delight in the pics…. xxoo, StonerChíc 

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